There's no denying that 6ix9ine is on top of his game right now. There's not quite anybody that is touching him in terms of marketability and social media tactics, aside from maybe 50 Cent. While the self-proclaimed king of New York and Europe is teasing a new single while in Dubai, his crazy antics landed him in the hospital over the weekend. He seems to be out now but another threat may be looming. Kodak Black is fresh out of prison and as he works on his upcoming album, we've had a chance to hear him on two records so far. As an artist, you need to constantly believe in yourself so it's no surprise to hear that Kodak's confidence is through the roof but calling out 6ix9ine directly may come back to bite him.

During an Instagram Live session, Project Baby told his fans that there's nobody better than him in the game. He then proceeded to single out 6ix9ine, mumbling somebody's comment and responding that nobody is better than him in the music industry or in the streets because, in his words, he's "real." It doesn't seem as though Kodak has any issues with the rainbow-haired rapper, only with the fan declarations that Tekashi is the hottest out right now.

The artist also spoke shortly on his jail situation. For some, prison seems to be an in-and-out type of deal. Kodak has had problems staying out of trouble his entire career, much like Kevin Gates and a number of his peers. Now that he's free, the Florida rapper plans on staying out of a cell for the rest of his life though as he revealed during the live stream.

It's hard to judge who out of the two has more of an impact right now. Once Kodak officially returns with a new mixtape or album, the final outcome will be clearer on who runs the streets.