It's around the time of day when 6ix9ine starts uploading his troll posts to Instagram. Earlier, he shared his intentions to donate a percentage of his "FEFE" earnings to charities, marking yet another positive initiative that the controversial rapper has undertaken. Since being dragged over his very questionable criminal history, Tekashi has made an effort to work himself back in people's good books and it's definitely starting to show. Whether he's working with children or handing out money to people who need it, 6ix9ine enjoys giving back to his community. When he's not trying to make a difference in his life, he can be seen boo'd up with his "FEFE" co-star, Eminem's "girlfriend" Nicki Minaj.

It seems Nicki is getting around in troll relationships this year as she's now found herself in her second fake couple in just a few months. Uploading a still from their music video shoot on Instagram, Tekashi deemed he and his New York Queen to be "relationship goals" before joking and asking his Amazon Alexa to play Drake's "In My Feelings." While the Scorpion cut is currently the hottest song in the country, "FEFE" is experiencing tremendous success as Tek shared that it is currently in the top spot on iTunes. 

Perhaps Eminem is in the studio recording a 69 diss track because of this right now. As 6ix9ine hopes to go 8/8 on the Billboard chart, check out his latest effort here.