6ix9ine has been through a whole lot of drama over the past two years and it seems like he can't escape the problems that life poses. From an album that flopped to some fresh lawsuits, 6ix9ine has been taking a lot of Ls as of late and as a result, he has largely remained hidden from the public eye. Tekashi used to be someone who was inescapable but at this point, it's clear that he would rather keep a low profile, especially given his trolling that has come in poor taste.

Now, it seems like 6ix9ine is having more issues with his baby mother Sara Molina, who recently spoke to TMZ about how he is an absent father. As Molina explained, 6ix9ine was not allowed to see his daughter on Christmas as he has simply wasted too many chances to be a good dad.


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Molina noted that when Tekashi came home from jail, he vowed to change and become the best father possible. In the end, 6ix9ine didn't live up to the promise as he failed to continue sending money to his daughter Saraiyah. Molina also claims that 6ix9ine completely skipped out on his daughter's birthday, which was the last straw.

As it stands, Molina says her daughter currently refers to 6ix9ine as her "friend" as opposed to her father. It's a pretty sad sight to behold although 6ix9ine has yet to comment on the situation.


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