2020 was pretty much the nail in the coffin of 6ix9ine's career. He emerged from prison relatively unscathed, pursuing his music career as he attempted to brush off the stigma of being who he is. Unfortunately for him, his troubles stemming from his time with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods continue to haunt him.


According to TMZ, two victims of a robbery that he was an accessory to have filed a lawsuit against the rapper. Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier filed documents to court claiming that 6ix9ine was at the center of a conspiracy that resulted in a robbery at gunpoint in New York City. Not only has footage previously been released to the public but 6ix9ine admitted to the crime on the stand. The defendants believe that because 6ix9ine has already admitted to the crime, there's no doubt of his liability. 

Wonzer and Dozier claimed that among the things that were robbed were shoes, master recordings, hard drives, jewelry, cash, and more. They further allege that the incident occurred under the impression that they were affiliates of Rap-A-Lot Records who were apparently the actual targets.

Joe Tacopina said in court filings that 6ix9ine wasn't the one who committed the act himself, though he was outside in an SUV filming the incident as it went down. "If Tekashi69 thought his legal problems were over after pleading guilty to brutally assaulting my clients, he was woefully mistaken," Tacopina said. "We do know this now -- if he refuses to redress the injuries he caused my clients, he’ll sincerely regret that decision."

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine's trusted attorney Lance Lazarro made it clear that they won't be backing down. "We will defend this lawsuit vigorously," he said.

We'll keep you updated on more information regarding the case.