Rick Ross Doubles Down On Trolling DJ Envy Amid Fraud Lawsuits

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2023 Kelce Jam
BONNER SPRINGS, KANSAS - APRIL 28: Rick Ross during the Kelce Jam at Azura Amphitheatre on April 28, 2023 in Bonner Springs, Kansas. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)
Rick Ross continues to throw jabs at DJ Envy.

As previously reported, DJ Envy is facing two lawsuits for alleged real estate fraud. Apparently, The Breakfast Club host received around $1.5 million from investors for an apartment project that never panned out. He's now even been accused of running a Ponzi scheme alongside his business partner Cesar Pina. Rick Ross has been weighing in on the situation from time to time, clowning on him amid the legal battle.

Time to tattoo that hairline too,” Rick Ross wrote on his Instagram Story alongside news of the lawsuits. He continued, posting more reports to his story. "Career center foreclosure," he captioned one, asking if the DJ's wife "still does feet" in another.

Rick Ross Clowns DJ Envy

In May, Rick Ross trolled DJ Envy again for the allegations, spending time with Tony Robinson. Robinson previously spoke out about the situation on Twitter, pointing out that Envy and his partner have 20 properties in foreclosure. He later went Live with Robinson to defend himself. “I honestly don’t know that’s between them and whatever happened,” he explained. “But did I say, ‘There, take this money and give it to this person or do this with this money?’ I never did. If you ever came to my seminar, I tell everybody, ‘Everybody on this stage, whether it’s credit, prepare, or it’s a conventional lender, do your homework because I don’t trust anybody.’ If you’ve been to my seminars, I say that a million times.”

Pina also took to social media to defend DJ Envy. “It’s not a secret that my relationship with DJ Envy extends beyond the turntables and into the real estate market,” he shared. “However, it’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question.” He went on to apologize to DJ Envy and his family, telling them "I love you guys and I’m sorry that individuals with nothing to lose are trying to bring you down."

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