While the hip-hop community still reels from the loss of a pivotal member, Prodigy’s music will surely be on rotation by hip-hop-heads all over the world. With a track record boasting the phenomenal The Infamous & Hell On Earth, it goes without saying that Prodigy enjoyed a critically and commercially successful career. However, his mic skills extended beyond the scope of his recorded discography. 

P amassed quite the collection of impressive freestyles throughout the years, including a particularly dope one with a starstruck Mac Miller. “Ay this is legendary, I’m in a cypher with Prodigy right now,” says Mac, barely able to contain his excitement.

Check out five of Prodigy’s best freestyles below. 

Toca Tuesdays With Mac Miller & Alchemist

Shade 45 (2012)

Rap City (2007)

Tim Westwood (20 Minutes) 

Boiler Room With Sean Price (RIP) 


5 Dope Prodigy Freestyles