Ice Cube Responds To Person Calling Him A "Sellout"

Ice Cube considers himself "self-made," NOT a sellout.

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Ice Cube is becoming quite the vocal advocate on Twitter. He recently posted a Tweet essentially telling people to stop voting blindly, to do the work, research candidates, and make informed decisions. As a result, somebody with the Twitter handle @libratime76 called Ice out: "...I'm highly disappointed in you, brotha, what's your mission? Because of you, I still rep the West, [please] tell me [you're] not selling out."

In response, Ice Cube went absolutely ballistic with a Tweet reply: "Sellout? I work for myself. I'm self-made. How do you feed your family??? How much do you sell your time for per hour on your job?" The Twitter battle took place on Wednesday, July 12th. And while the person who called Cube out is a supposed fan, Cube took the offhand question personally, as he has recently been taking a lot of things personally.

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Ice Cube's Social Media Hot Take Tour

The man is definitely not allergic to starting things or replying to smoke over social media. In the last week alone, he's mentioned that the Illuminati probably exists, called out the entire National Basketball Association for lack of coverage for his Big3 League, and claimed that the music and prison industries are in lockstep together. Add to that this denial of being a sellout, and Ice Cube has had one hell of a week.

Ice Cube has been a staple of the West rap game since the mid-80s. He got his start with the rap group NWA before setting his sights on a solo career. More recently, Ice Cube has turned into both an actor and entrepreneur. He has many movie credits under his belt, and the Big3 Basketball League is his pride and joy. But at the rate he's going, we might have to add "social media warrior" to his long list of accolades. Ideally, something comes along to take his attention off of the Twitter mentions.

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