Kevin Gates is quite possibly one of the most talented and prolific rappers to rise in recent times, both because of his rampant legal troubles and his outspoken and controversial persona. The Baton Rouge MC has literally spent time in and out of jail since 2008, but has also managed to release several critically acclaimed mixtapes during that same time period including Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, and Luca Brasi, all of which peaked within the top 40 of the Billboard 200 chart.

And though Kevin Gates was breaking into the industry during the early 2000’s alongside Louisiana legends Lil Boosie and Webbie, he didn’t tryly break through and assume his status as rap superstar until 2016 when his debut album Islah peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. And though his current incarceration has somewhat slowed his progression forward, Kevin Gates still somehow has a torrential wave of hype behind him and it’s likely because of the heavy discography of hits he has to hold his fans over during the wait for his return.

Peep these 10 essentials from Kevin Gates to help you keep your eyes peeled wide open for his next imminent moves.


10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks


Rolling Stone named Kevin Gate’s The Luca Brasi mixtape single “Wylin” the 40th best song of 2013, which is a feat in and of itself. And quiet honestly, they aren’t far off because the song is definitely dope and is somewhat of a precursor to his soon new and improved mainstream appeal and sound.

Even more so, though this is song is somewhat symbolic of the beginning of Gates rise, this track is no slouch and he kills his flow and off kilter harmonies per usual on this track. Definitely relevant and definitely essential.

I Don’t Get Tired

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“I Don’t Get Tired” Feat. August Alsina

If anything, other than his smash hit “2 Phones” this August Alsina assisted record “I Don’t Get Tired” is Kevin Gates anthem. This dude literally does not get tired. Between multiple deals and agreements with big time labels like Atlantic Records, Young Money, in addition to the establishment of his own with the added hurdle of prison time, this guy still found the time to get in the studio and create banger after banger.

“I Don’t Get Tired” is literally the wholistic mantra that Gates and his BWA imprint represent. Plus, this tune is insanley catchy and hype and incredibly hard not to turn up to.

Time For That

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Time For That”

Another major source of Kevin Gates appeal is the extremely blunt and straight forward nature of his music. It’s not so much that he says what’s on his mind, more so he says what is on everyone’s mind. In a way, he is like the voice of the people and “Time For That” is definitely a message for all and is certainly 100 percent relative to most anyone.

What’s even more impressive on this track is how Gates constructs his hooks and verses with seamlessly blended melodies that in turn make this track so memorable and legendary.


10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks


While Rolling Stone dubbed “Wylin” the 40th best song of 2013, “Satellites” is without a doubt a close runner up. The formula for this track is much like Gates earlier catalog feature ear filling verses and monophonic textured melodies.

Nonetheless the track is realer than real and thrives on this list as a true essential.

Wassup With It

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Wassup With It”

Even though Kevin Gates record proves that he is a certified gangster, he is also somewhat of a foul mouthed casanova. It’s pretty easy to see why Gates has such an intense pull with his female audience when listening to tracks like “Wassup With It.” This record is like any and everything one should bravely whisper in the ear of the possible suitor.

And as any other song he has cut, this track is raw and uncut and subsequently Kevin Gates at his finest.

Paper Chasers

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Paper Chasers”

This cut from The Luca Brasi Story mixtape is just another testament to Kevin Gates shining star power. “Paper Chasers” is just another super saucy cut that Gates wastes no time going in on.

It’s easy to see why this is a fan favorite because it really set Kevin Gates up for the underdog story that he has overcome throughout the years. Even though this could be considered some of his earlier work, this is a seasoned veteran letting his bars reign down upon the heads of the listener.

Really Really

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Really Really”

This record really needs no introduction. Quite possibly his biggest record of all time “Really Really” hits a tempo and frequency that surprised many but was nothing new for die hard Kevin Gates fans. “Really Really” spent 26 weeks on the chart and essentially gave Gates his debut to the world and proved that he could craft a mainstream hit infused with his rough and tumble, gutter morale and effortless and southern swaying swag.

From the hook to the overkilled verses, this track bangs and is forever essential.

In My Feelings

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“In My Feelings”

The Luca Brasi 2 mixtape was as much of a gem as it’s predecessor, but it really took things over the top because of the complex and swirling range of emotions expressed throughout it. “In My Feelings” is the most exquisite example of Kevin Gates superb pen game and sensational ability to translates feelings and deep thoughts into fire audio, lyrical journey.

It’s very hard to ignore this guy’s zeal and shear essence of motivation after hearing tracks like this.

Posed To Be In Love

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Posed To Be In Love”

“Posed To Be In Love” is the most aggressive and tumultuous love song to date. There is almost no one who can accurately synthesize the woes of love while also concisely reciting the G-code like Kevin Gates can and thats why this hit is one of the most essential. There are parts of this song that are uncomfortable and make one question their moral code and that’s what makes the record so good.

This is authentic and real as it gets when it comes to this love thing.

Wish I Had It

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

“Wish I Had It”

If there is anything that Kevin Gates track record tells you, its that he is a certified hustler and his By Any Means album is literally the language of his hustler’s code of ethics if you will. The volatile energy and napalm equivalent heat of this track is staggering and wil literally sweep you off your feet, so that you can jump up and down with the hype.

If this record doesn’t get you hype and make you want to grind until the wheels fall off, we aren’t sure what will.

Honorable Mention: No Love

10 Essential Kevin Gates Tracks

Honorable Mention: “No Love”

While it doesn’t look like Kevin Gates will see the light of day until 2018, it would seem as though he has put in enough work to solidify his spot within the top ranks until his physical return. His most recent single “No Love” is easily a place holder for the forseeable future for more than the fact that it’s fire as hell.

This track is like a completely new sound from Gates and though we are used to hearing the rapper switch things up profusely, “No Love” vehemently takes a step in a new direction and it feels like it’s the right one from the results. While there is no telling what Gates first move will be upon his release, we can only hope that it will involve dropping bangers to this degree right from jump.