Jonathan Majors Goes To ESSENCE Fest Despite Legal Trouble

Jonathan Majors was there with Meagan Good.

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Celebrity Sightings In LOS ANGELES - May 26, 2023

The ESSENCE Festival of Culture is ending today, July 3rd, and has brought in some high-end celebrity appearances. One such attendee was Jonathan Majors, the Creed III and Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantamania actor. And while he was taking some time to enjoy the live music, it was interesting to see him out and about amidst his current legal issues. He went to the festival with his reported girlfriend, Harlem actress Meagan Good, but out of the spotlight, he and his team are working to get his name cleared from a number of criminal and civil allegations.

Jonathan Majors was arrested back in March after allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend, the British dancer Grace Jabarri. This was in New York City, at Majors' apartment. In opposition, Majors' legal team continues to cooperate and release evidence to support claims that he's allegedly the target of racial profiling by the NYPD and that Jabarri made allegedly false accusations. And if that wasn't messy enough, more people have come forward since the incident to say they were abused by Majors as well.

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What's Next For Jonathan Majors?

At the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, Majors was seen in multiple photo ops. One was in a crowd of people with Al Sharpton, the famed activist. He also was in a photo with Meagan Good, in which Majors seems caught off-guard while Good smiles brightly. The cameo is solid publicity, especially as he tries to rehab his public image while in a sea of allegations.

Crew members on his films have come out to claim they've been allegedly victimized by Majors. This was due to the actor's supposed "violent" and "intimidating" behavior, as reported by Rolling Stone Magazine. In Majors' most recent movie, the critically acclaimed Magazine Dreams, crew members avoided Jonathan Majors due to his overtly dedicated method of acting. And while some method actors can be difficult to deal with, rarely are they rude or violent towards the crew. (Which is what multiple people are accusing Majors of allegedly doing.) Even though he's living life up at ESSENCE Fest, Majors will have to face a different kind of music soon.

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