NLE Choppa Shoots Music Video At The Zoo

The rapper shot the video for free after being approached by a Youtube videographer.

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NLE Choppa recently had what looked like an enjoyable trip to the zoo. While he was there, he even took the opportunity to shoot a quick music video. He did so with the assistance of a popular videographer, Will Freeark. The videographer, who is also known as SetWillFree, approached NLE Choppa on Saturday. He offered to shoot a music video for the Memphis rapper free of charge. Freeark has gained viral fame for his spontaneous-style video shoots. He has even previously worked with artists like Moneybagg Yo, Toosii, and Bobby Shmurda.

Although NLE Choppa initially seemed hesitant, he eventually agreed to the video. With that, the duo embarked the shoot a video for "Stomp Em Out" on the streets of New York City. It looks like it was an extremely fun shoot. The project involved interactions with locals and a carriage ride. In one scene, the rapper holds someone's baby and dances with it while he smiles at the camera. It all culminated in a scene shot at the Central Park Zoo, where NLE Choppa dances around and raps in front of seals. The amusing video was later uploaded to Freeark's official YouTube channel.

NLE Choppa's Venture Into Sports

Filming spontaneous videos is not the only new thing on NLE Choppa's plate. it appears that he has joined the ranks of celebrities stepping into the boxing ring. He was spotted in the gym throwing punches at professional boxer Lorenzo "Truck" Simpson. However, after three unsuccessful attempts, Choppa lost his balance. As such, he started running as Truck chased him around the ring. While Choppa has proven his skills in the studio, he has a long way to go in the boxing ring. The video of the boxing incident went viral. This prompted NLE Choppa to share it on his Instagram story and tag Simpson with a humorous caption. Simpson, in turn, shared Choppa's story on his own profile.

It remains uncertain how far Choppa intends to pursue his boxing aspirations. Still, he clearly has much room for improvement. Unfortunately, luck hasn't been on Choppa's side in other sports either. Just two days after opening a basketball court in his hometown, the court burned down. It had been donated by Choppa, former WNBA player Nancy Lieberman, and members of the Memphis city council, as reported by local outlet WREG. What do you think of NLE Choppa's new video? Let us know in the comments below!

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