Kid Cudi Announces The Title Of His New Album

After dropping a new single today, Cudi also revealed the title of his new project.

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Kid Cudi, who had been dropping hints about retiring, doesn't seem so hellbent on it anymore. The rapper-turned-actor has been building anticipation for his "final" album since last year. Despite gaining acclaim in the rap industry since his breakthrough hit "Day 'n' Nite" in 2007, the 39-year-old artist is allegedly saying goodbye to his experimental contributions to hip-hop. The album is scheduled for release later this year, and Cudi previously confirmed that he will release the first track of this "powerful" album on June 1st. During a recent Instagram live session on March 9th, the Ohio native further teased his ninth solo album. He expressed his immense excitement and assured fans that they will deeply resonate with the music.

Although Cudi's current studio work is driven by contractual obligations to Republic Records, he has poured his passion and dedication into this current project. Talking to fans about it, he proudly said that this album is the most powerful work he has ever created. He also said that he is confident that it will profoundly move listeners. "I just wanted to get on here and just let y’all know that I’m not gonna let y’all down," he said. "This is gonna be the album of the year right now, I’m not playing. This is not a f*cking joke. Tell everybody you fucking know, ok?” Today, we got our first taste of the new album. Cudi also dropped the new title.

Cudi's New Album is Called "INSANO"

Today, Kid Cudi dropped the first single from his new album. The track is called "Porsche Topless." The rapper brings his energetic and wild side to the forefront in the song, with fantastic synth-heavy production and skillful navigation of the beat. The lyrics boldly declare his status as the GOAT while embracing a summer-like party atmosphere. This track will definitely help build further anticipation among fans for the forthcoming album release. However, the project's exact release date remains unknown. Cudi did have one more surprise for fans today though. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to reveal the title and logo of the new album.

In a tweet sent out this morning, Cudi simply said, "Album is called INSANO. The world is not ready..." Along with the tweet, he posted a graphic of the album title logo. It features the word INSANO in scratchy green font on a dark pink background. Fans expressed their excitement in the replies. Although there is still no release date set for the full album, Cudi has plenty to keep himself busy with. What do you think of the new album title? Let us know in the comments below! As always, be sure to stay tuned to HNHH for the all latest updates.

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