Adin Ross Wants Lil Durk And NBA YoungBoy To “Talk Out Their Differences”

The streamer said he wants to bring Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy together to work out their problems “like men.”

BYCaroline Fisher
Adin Ross Wants Lil Durk And NBA YoungBoy To “Talk Out Their Differences”

Streamer Adin Ross recently shared during a stream that he'd like to get Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy together to squash their ongoing beef. He said, "I really want to do this because I think it'll show we can put shit aside." Later telling commenters, "don't laugh it's real." Ross revealed, "I want to bring together Lil Durk and youngboy," explaining that he wants "to have them come together and talk out their differences like men." He quickly clarified his previous statement, adding, "I'm not saying you guys aren't men by the way." "You guys are both men, trust me," he explained.

Ross continued, saying, "I was gonna say we could do it in person and shit, it would kind of just be too dangerous." Adding, "If you guys came in Discord on the stream and you guys talked it out (...) it might be fun, who knows." He told the rappers, "So let me know if you guys would like to do that shit, you know." No Jumper later reposted the clip, revealing viewers' feelings on the offer. Many feel as though the feud is too intense to be solved through a simple conversation.

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Ross Thinks The Rappers Should Talk It Out

One viewer writes, "Their beef is too deep, they’re never gonna go back together, even though they made one song together, called My Side back in 2017." They added, "even though their beef should’ve not occurred which is very odd because they never had issues prior to King Von passing away." Another commenter simply wrote, "Ain’t ever seen somebody so stupid in my life." The rappers' feud surrounds the passing of Lil Durk's mentee, King Von. He was shot during a incident involving YoungBoy's partner Quando Rondo, leading to his 2020 death. The rappers have both released diss tracks, on top of various social media digs at eachother over the years.

DJ Akademiks recently stated during a stream that the beef between the two rappers "is squashed." He said, "Durk and them don’t have beef no more." Adding that he, "might have forgot to tell the public that." It is unconfirmed whether the rappers have actually solved their issues with one another, or if this is simply speculation.

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