T.I. Shows Off Roller Skating Skills, Channeling “ATL” Character

T.I. may have played a talented roller skater in “ATL,” but the rapper appears to actually have some pretty decent skills in the rink.

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T.I. Shows Off Roller Skating Skills, Channeling “ATL” Character

T.I. appears to be living a pretty peaceful life these days. Recently, the rapper settled his long-standing beef with Boosie Badazz. According to both parties involved, the feud has come to an end. Recently, Boosie spoke about the situation in an interview with VladTV. He revealed that he had apologized to T.I. He also shed light on his thoughts and emotions throughout the process. Boosie expressed the feeling that both of them were able to resolve their differences like "bosses." While the tension between them gradually subsided over time, it is reassuring to have solid confirmation of their reconciliation.

Boosie began his remarks by stating, "It just went like two bosses handling it, man." He emphasized that they have children who love each other, and initially, they didn't see eye to eye. As such, they engaged in a back-and-forth exchange where both of them expressed their perspectives. However, Boosie acknowledged that he understood T.I.'s viewpoint, and T.I. understood his. Boosie took the initiative to offer an apology to T.I. to help mend their relationship.

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T.I. Is No Stranger To The Rink

T.I. hit his fans with a wave of nostalgia this week. The rapper-turned-actor decided to relive his role from the 2006 movie ATL by putting on a pair of skates and hitting the rink. In the cult classic film, set in an Atlanta-based skating rink and revolving around the lives of its regulars, T.I. portrays the character Rashad. His group in the movie is renowned for their skating skills, and it appears that some of those abilities have stayed with him. A video clip, which is featured above, began circulating on social media on Wednesday, showing T.I. effortlessly gliding around the rink. The comments section quickly filled with references and nods to the 2006 movie, evoking a sense of nostalgia among viewers.

In a recent interview, it was revealed that Nick Cannon was also up for T.I.'s part in ATL. “I don’t know if he elaborated on this when he was talking to Shannon Sharpe, I was supposed to do ATL,” Cannon said. The father of twelve has had several big roles, but many did not know of his involvement with the 2006 film. However, Cannon was presented with the choice of two roller skating movies that year. One was ATL, of course, and the other was Roll Bounce. The latter has gone on to become a mid-aughts classic in the eyes of many. Cannon, however, did it for the money. “The bag was a little bigger over at Roll Bounce with less days work; so I chose that one,” he said. Would you have preferred seeing Nick over T.I. in ATL? Let is know in the comments!

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