Since 1993, Gabrielle Union has consistently showcased her wide range of acting talents through many captivating roles. Her career breakthrough in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You and 2000’s Bring It On launched her into Hollywood stardom. Since then, she has imbued characters like those in Think Like a Man and Top Five with her signature charm and poise. In addition to appearing on shows such as Ugly Betty and judging a season of America’s Got Talent, Union continues to astound viewers with each cameo, elevating every part she plays to deliver memorable cinematic moments. Here are the best Gabrielle Union movies you should definitely check out.

7. Bad Boys II (2003)

Directed by Michael Bay, Bad Boys II continues eight years after the original film. Marcus and Mike must uncover a burgeoning Cuban cartel responsible for the surge of ecstasy into Florida. Union plays Special Agent Syd Burnett, invading the bromance between Marcus and Mike while also maintaining her own hidden relationship with Mike. Although critics panned the movie, many praised its spectacular special effects and entertaining action sequences.

6. The Public (2018)

Union stars as Rebecca Porter, a journalist in the acclaimed social drama The Public. Besides captivating viewers with its passionate defense of civil disobedience and powerful portrayal of the homeless taking refuge in Cincinnati’s library, Emilio Estevez directs an inspiring tale that spotlights an important message.

Stuart, portrayed by Estevez, is a former homeless librarian saved by literature. Michael K. Williams plays Jackson, among the homeless sheltered in the library. Jeffrey Wright plays his anxious employer Anderson. As a result of their refusal to face sub-zero temperatures, a spontaneous sit-in ensues, which Stuart endorses. Alec Baldwin stars as the cop striving to contain the chaos, while Christian Slater embodies the unfeeling and callous bureaucrat with no compassion.

5. Think Like a Man (2012)

Drawing on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Think Like a Man, the cast masterfully brings its relationship advice to the big screen. In the same breath, Following Kristen’s struggle to get her long-term boyfriend to commit, the film delivers an emotive performance that captures the audience’s hearts and ensures a 2014 sequel. Above all, juxtaposing the book’s gendered advice and its all-star, gorgeous cast of Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, and Taraji P. Henson offers a wry commentary on modern notions of romance.

4. Cadillac Records (2008)

Exploring the Chess Brothers’ trailblazing story, Cadillac Records vividly chronicles the vibrant evolution of Black music. With a thoughtful eye for talent, Leonard and Phil ventured into after-hours urban neighborhoods bearing firearms to seek out gifted musicians. The brothers then recorded these artists in a small yet powerful studio setting, propelling their unique sound effectively into the world. A stellar ensemble of performers, from Gabrielle Union and Oscar-winner Adrien Brody to Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def, graced the screen in Cadillac Records, delivering compelling performances that captivated audiences.

3. Bring It On (2000)

Torrance Shipman leads the prestigious Rancho Carne High School cheer team in their quest to secure a remarkable sixth consecutive national championship title. When tragedy strikes, she organizes auditions to fill the vacant spot and drives the squad to new heights. Starring Kirsten Dunst as Torrance, Bring It On shot Union to stardom and is celebrated as one of the most iconic movies ever made. This beloved film explores social issues such as race, privilege, and appropriation through the tale of a San Diego cheerleading squad who unknowingly steals routines from an East Compton Clovers team led by Union’s Isis. Although there have been many sequels since its release, the original installment still stands out toweringly among the rest.

2. The Inspection (2022)

Elegance Bratton’s feature directorial debut, The Inspection, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Drawing inspiration from his own life, Bratton masterfully created a perceptive saga of resilience and belonging. At boot camp, he battles homophobia from his trainer and comrades. Moreover, Union earned praise for portraying Inez, Ellis’ unaccepting mother, receiving an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

The Inspection’s uncompromising authenticity highlights the ineffable complexity of life-altering events. Additionally, the film pays homage to Ellis’ mother and other mothers everywhere, acknowledging their vital roles in our lives. As a result, this could be one of the best Gabrielle Union movies.

1. Love & Basketball (2000)

Chronicling a complex journey, Love & Basketball shines an honest light on the challenge of maintaining two competing passions. While following two affluent black protagonists, this seminal sports movie breaks conventions with an insightful exploration of love and basketball. Union stars in Love & Basketball as Shawnee, Quincy’s high school crush and dance date. Spectacularly directed, this cult classic offers a multifaceted examination of its characters. Praised for its female-centered narrative and dedication to women’s sports, the movie captivates viewers with its unique perspective.