Meagan Good's Best Movies

Meagan Good is a celebrated veteran in the industry, so let's look at some of her best silver-screen work.

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Meagan Good's compelling body of work has captivated audiences worldwide for over two decades. From her breakthrough in Eve's Bayou to headlining the 2019 superhero hit Shazam! Future of the Gods. Moreover, Meagan has been a stalwart fixture of the entertainment industry, showcasing her range and depth as an actress. Additionally, speculations suggest that the star is dating fellow actor Jonathan Majors. While those conversations continue, let's look back and some of Meagan Good's best movies.

7. D.E.B.S. (2004)

Recruiting the crème de la crème of students, SATs masked its true intent - seeking out four extraordinary teens for D.E.B.S., a covert spy academy. Desired traits such as trickery, duplicity, and combat prowess were tested, and Amy emerged as the highest-ranked contestant in history. When she faced notorious villain Lucy Diamond, admiration and attraction co-mingled. Despite mixed reviews from critics and modest box office earnings at its debut, the time has made D.E.B.S. a treasured cult classic. Directed by Angela Robinson and featuring Meagan Good, Sara Foster, Devon Aoki, and Jill Ritchie as the legendary student spies, this action-comedy remains an enduring source of joy two decades later.

6. The Intruder (2019)

Michael Ealy and Meagan Good star in the 2019 psychological thriller, The Intruder. Spanning an $8 million budget, the film follows their harrowing journey as they purchase a country home from the previous owner, Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid). Though initially content, tensions quickly rise when Peck refuses to relinquish his boundary-crossing grasp on the house, leading these unfortunate new owners into a relentless battle of obsessions. As critics delivered mixed reviews to this gripping drama, it also proved to be a financial success, with its worldwide gross exceeding $40 million.

5. Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

Starring Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J, and Good in pivotal roles, Deliver Us from Eva tells the story of Evangeline Dandridge. She is a perfectionist who has also become fixated on meddling in her sisters' love lives. Desperate measures are taken when her sisters enlist the help of a suave playboy to keep Eva preoccupied. Unexpectedly, Eva is pulled into a romantic entanglement instead. Although critics were not overly impressed, the movie remains cherished within African American households, forever beloved as an unadulterated classic.

4. Think Like A Man (2012)

Featuring a remarkable cast, Think Like a Man adroitly explores the complexities of love and relationships through the lens of Steve Harvey's bestselling book. Conversely, Mya (Good) employs his advice – making her beau Zeke (Romany Malco) wait ninety days for sex – with amusing consequences. Critics acclaimed the character's growth, humor, and fizzing chemistry between the two, resulting in the well-received sequel two years later. As audiences clamored for more, this romantic comedy also satisfied them immensely.

3. Death Saved My Life  (2021)

From its arresting story to the captivating acting, Jarrett and Kymlicka's 2021 feature Death Saved My Life delights viewers. Further, the film is an awe-inspiring chronicle of Noela Rukundo's courageous thwarting of her husband's malevolent intentions. Hailed for its exceptional blend of suspense and emotion, this movie also yields a gripping narrative and impressive performances. Captivate yourself with this remarkable tale of resiliency; you won't be disappointed.

2. Shazam! Fury Of The Gods (2023)

Atop the silver screen, Darla divines her heroic spirit in a vivid purple costume infused with magical powers. Engagingly portrayed by Faithe Herman and Meagan Good, she also embodies this figure's youthful energy. As a young girl and an adult, respectively, they journey in the DC Extended Universe to join the highly anticipated sequel of Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023). Additionally, it was produced by New Line Cinema, DC Studios, and the Safran Company.

1. Eve’s Bayou (1997)

At the tender age of sixteen, Meagan Good dazzled audiences with her riveting portrayal of Cisely Batiste in Eve's Bayou. With two prior film credits to her name, she further announced her arrival as a formidable talent by delivering a captivating performance that won the hearts of critics and movie-goers. An exploration into contemporary racial dynamics, this 1997 classic captured the spirit of the times and has since been enshrined in preservation. A standout in the African American cinematic tradition, it also shaped generations of storytellers. To conclude, Eve’s Bayou is considered one of the best Meagan Good movies.


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