Benjy Grinberg, President of Rostrum Records, first heard Wiz Khalifa from his contribution to a mixtape featuring various Pittsburgh artists back in 2004 and he immediately knew then what we all know now, which is that Wiz Khalifa is a star. At 16-years-old, Wiz Khalifa signed with Rostrum and embarked on a seven year artist development journey. One of the most notable moments of that journey is, of course, when Wiz signed a deal with the major label Warner Bros. in 2007, following the hype of his 2006 album Show And Prove. Warner Bros released his first official single “Say Yeah” in January 2008. Things would sour between Wizzleman and Warner Bros. by the time he was ready to release his second album, and although the single did an exceptional job on the charts and earned a young Wiz Khalifa his first RIAA plaque it is not necessarily the sound we’ve come to expect from Khalifa – it hit as more of a trendy, cross-over record – it did sample a Eurodance deejay after all. 

Even as the chapter between Wiz and Warner Bros. closed, another between Wiz and the world at large was beginning, thanks to the releases that soon followed, namely, Kush & OJ, which itself would lead to his next major label home: Atlantic Records, where he’s remained to this day.

Tracks like “Say Yeah,” despite it’s club-heavy mood, is an important notch in Wiz’s career, as he learned to satisfy the needs of the mainstream, something he’s been able to do quite consistently since, while also developing his own unique sound and birthing a generation of artists after him. So many of the hits that populate Wiz Khalifa’s catalog combine his knack for melodic flow with unique production, delivering an energy that’s still very palpable, despite being a 24/7 stoner advocate. For our Top 25, we head back to the “Say Yeah” era up to present-day, to choose 25 of Wiz’s top tracks from both cult songs to mainstream hits, this list packs a punch like a bong rip of KK.

As Wiz comes down from the undoubted high of his 30th birthday celebrations over the past weekend, take a look through below.

Doubt Fire

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

As we await  the highly anticipated Rolling Papers 2 album from Wiz Khalifa, we are caught inside a vortex of transformation as we begin to see Wiz reinvent himself yet again. It is especially noteworthy to mention his recent onslaught of remixes of popular records dubbed “Weedmixes” like SahBabi “Pull Up With A Stick (Zip)” or Childish Gambino’s “Redbone (Stay Stoned)” because they’ve become expected by his fanbase, despite his status and transformations in the game, he hasn’t left his early-rapper mentality, of hopping on popular instrumentals, behind.

As well, with his slew of short EPs including the Kush & OJ 7 Year Anniversary, Pre-Rolleds and Bong Rips, Wiz has captured the essence of his entire discography and coupled those sounds and producers with new cadences and new messages. “Doubt Fire” is the representation of this burgeoning journey Wiz is taking us on. The new vernacular, the impeccable earworm production of Sledgren and the musical prowess of Wiz Khalifa makes this record one his recent essential anthems. 

Let’s see where the rest of 2017, and 2018, takes Wiz’s sound and career.


Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

As we all know, Wiz Khalifa isn’t afraid to experiment when it comes to his artistry, so it’s no surprise that he hopped on the trap wave with his 28 Grams mixtape. This behemoth project housed 28 bangers.

And though many of the tracks on the tape were original, there were several remixes like “MAAN!” that literally blazed the roof of this jawn. Shouts to Schoolboy Q for the lituation that was “Man Of The Year” also.

Medicated Feat. Chevy Woods & Juicy J

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa’s sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. really broke down barriers and is somewhat the foundation for the more recent output in Wiz’s discography. The album covers several different genres with ease including a dominating Pop influence and modernized hip hop format. Some things did stay the same though, as Wiz made it his mission to continue to craft the best weed songs alongside his loyal and talented crew members.

“Medicated” is more than just rejoicing the benefits that come with smoking marijuana, it’s also a celebration of brotherhood and who better to be at his side than Chevy Woods and Juicy J for this joyous occasion?

Studio Lovin

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Rolling Papers, although Wiz Khalifa’s first release under the major label of Atlantic, is actually his third album. Still, it managed to garner the hype of a debut thanks to Wiz’s string of mixtapes that preceded it, and his break from first-home Warner.

If there was one track from this album that really stood out from the bunch, it’s Khalifa’s X-rated slow jam “Studio Lovin.” Wiz tries his hand at something different, which is something he’s done constantly through out his career (sometimes the result is better than others, though. See: next song on the list).

See You Again Feat. Charlie Puth

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Having gone nine times platinum and spending a collective 52 weeks on the chart with the added boost of a No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 appearance, “See You Again” is Wiz Khalifa’s most commercially successful song. Dude must have made mad dumb racks off this.

But it’s more than just being about money. This record is as much representative of Wiz’s business intellect as well as his musical expertise and adaptability. It’s hard to step onto a franchise as big as Fast & Furious and completely eclipse the entire organization with a song like this. But then again, what can’t Wiz do?

Something New

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of seeing Wiz Khalifa build up the Taylor Gang roster and collaborate with his new label mates on various projects. However, his collaborative efforts with TGOD member Ty Dolla $ign have become increasingly dazzling and have proved, not only Ty’s staying power, but the chemistry of TGOD.

As is the case with Wiz Khalifa’s first official single from Rolling Papers 2, the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Something New.” This baby-making music cut is as silky and dynamic as these two guys can get, and provides an interesting start to the Rolling Papers 2 experience. Here’s a toast to slow jams and mo’ grams. 

When I’m Gone

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa’s album Rolling Papers is a diamond in the rough of sorts, and features more than a few gems. One in particular, “When I’m Gone” is one of the most meaningful visionary and beautifully crafted tracks because of how expertly it sums up the experience of success and the road up to it.

This song really embodies the young and carefree spirit that Wiz represents.

Ink My Whole Body

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa is many things, but if there is one thing that he is known for, apart from smoking weed, it’s having a body decked out in tattoos. In 2009, just before the Burn After Rolling mixtape and just after Starpower, Wiz was making a name for himself as being one of the most tatted rappers since the likes of Lil Wayne. One of the main differences between Wiz and Wayne though is how taxing and laborious Wiz was in conveying the ink as a lifestyle rather that just an aesthetic choice.

Thus, we received one of the most celebrated tracks from Wiz Khalifa “Ink My Whole Body.” We can’t tell you how many times we heard his infectious hook “Ink my whole body I don’t give a motherfuck,” uttered between the years of 2009 and 2011. More importantly, this record is noteworthy stop in the timeline of Wiz Khalifa’s come up. First you get the power and then the money, in most cases, but for Wiz, it was first you get the tattoos and then start rolling in the power and money.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

“Work Hard Play Hard,” taken from Wiz’s O.N.I.F.C., really captures the spirit of the Pittsburgh hustler and depicts the core values behind Wiz Khalifa’s success and artistry.

When “Work Hard Play Hard” dropped Wiz had the globe in the palm of his hand and it was put up or shut up time. This single was a monster success and has gone double platinum since it’s release back in April of 2012. This one really positioned Wiz in a top spot; it’s anthemic, relatable, and bangs, so really, we should have expected its unparalleled success.

Taylor Gang

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Flashback to 2011 and we see a young and highly charismatic Wiz Khalifa just beginning to operate at optimum level and coax the entire world into following his blueprint down to the polo socks and camo shorts. Even more so, we can see the beginning of the eclipsing takeover the Taylor Gang collective was crafting.

When “Taylor Gang” came out, the energy behind the record, due to the fan support, was staggering. Whether live in concert or broadcast from the cockpit of your personal vehicle, this record hit hard and still does. Grab a couple friends and mosh real hard one time to this record.

No Permission

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa’s 2016 self-titled Khalifa was as forward thinking as it was retrospectively spectacular. Several tracks thrived on the project the pointed back to momentous highs in Wiz’s career while others seemed to thrive on the project with the intention of signaling a shift in common practices in order to craft a more refined and sophisticated product.

“No Permission” is at the intersectional crossroads between Wiz’s old and new sounds, it combines the two in a way that is both fresh and vintage. Wiz spits fire on this record and the added guest feature from longtime friend and partner Chevy Woods elevates the song that much more, and reminds OG Taylor Gang disciples of the good ole days.

Lit Feat Ty Dolla $ign

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Being that Wiz Khalifa is the Cannabis connoisseur that he is, it goes without saying (but we’re saying it), that this list will have more than one weed song on it. However, the key is picking which weed songs of the bunch make the cut. It’s a lot harder of a choice than one would think because we have the ultimate toss up between classic weed anthems like Kush & OJ‘s “Still Blazing” or the modern contemporary smokers club joints like the Rae Sremmurd-assisted “Burn Slow.”

Ultimately, in the face of compromise we decided to honor-mention the two previous, and use the stand out track Khalifa “Lit” as a representative of Wiz’s best marijuana-motivated pieces of music. This dreamy, spaced out and contact high-inducing song is one of the most entertaining and easy to vibe with tracks. This record is also very advanced when you take into account Wiz Khalifa’s stylist and aesthetic transformation over the year. He has his formula down pact now and this song proves it. Plus, the extended album version with Ty Dolla $ign and the extra chopped up reprise makes this one a non-negotiable addition to your library.

The Planes

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Another fire joint from Spitta and Wiz. “The Planes” really needs no introduction. This high-flying, slick-talking track is forever etched in the record books as a classic.


Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa is a Curator of Vibes, among many other things. But what makes him such an elite master of moods is his ability to translate the most trivial feelings and jovial actions into real life bangers. “California” is the perfect example of creating a soundscape for the simplistic want of riding around in a drop-top and smoking weed with your friends in the ever sunny and flashy state of California.

For as many easy-listening tracks Wiz has within his catalog, this one has to be the most luxuriously laid back. Might just have to smoke the trippy stick for this one.

Phone Numbers Feat. Big Sean & Trae Tha Truth

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

There is no shaking the fact that we wouldn’t be at this point without the song the started it all: “Cabin Fever.” This record alone sparked the inaugural flame that would turn into the wildfire that is the Cabin Fever mixtape trilogy. So with all due respect, we had to mention that jawn, but that’s not what this slot is all about. This one is dedicated to one of the coldest tracks from the first instalment of the Cabin Fever series “Phone Numbers.”

As much as Wiz is talking about millions in this record, he is spitting cold hard bars and his standout colleagues Big Sean and Trae Tha Truth both rip their verses wide open and make this record a 10 for 10 hit. It goes hard.

Black & Yellow

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

There is absolutely no disputing the fact that Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller have completely and utterly put on for the city of Pittsburgh and brought their hometown glory with each prevailing release and power move within the industry. That’s why “Black & Yellow” is the most important Wiz Khalifa track because it is as much about his roots as it is his appreciation for the success he has received.

When he made this record the lead single from his major label debut, Wiz Khalifa sent the message that he was grateful and wanted to share the shine with his city. Subsequently, the whole world got in on the fun, as the song spawned an endless amount of freestyles and remixes.

Mary 3x

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

The greatest love this generation has bared witness: Wiz Khalifa’s admiration and obsession with Mary Jane. There really hasn’t been an artist since Bob Marley or Snoop Dogg to celebrate the exotic green substance the way Khalifa does.

So it’s only right that one of his greatest odes to Marijuana “Mary x3” thrives here. Everything from the cadence of the hook, the blended multi-textured harmonies and rapid fire flow on this song is amazing, and it’s even more dope that Wiz Khalifa took a stand against popping mollies and other hyped drugs during a time that it was (and still is?) all the rage. Kudos to Khalifa for being the number one Kush ambassador.

The Statement

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

It’s honestly incredibly difficult to not put every song single from Kush & OJ on this list and call it a day — because each and every track on the project is worthy. “The Statement” is especially deserving of a slot as it is quite possibly one of Wiz Khalifa’s most nonchalantly-woke songs ever.

He’s self-aware on this record, of his lane and his identity as an artist. The originality and fluidity of this track is overflowing. He sure wasn’t lying when he said, “Know we belong at the top but we ain’t tripping, cuz we a get there in a minute.”

Never Been

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Seven years later and we can still bang Wiz Khalifa’s seminal project Kush & OJ like it came out yesterday. This mixtape was the ultimate display of stoner and player prowess and is a magnificent representation of what makes Wiz da gawd that he is.

The entire tracklist is legendary within its own right, but there are a few songs that truly personify the entire mission and stylistic aesthetic of this tape. “Never Been” is certainly one of them and it goes without saying that this track is one of the most quintessential Wiz Khalifas song to date. It’s like musical cliffnotes on how to be the most dope stoner ever. With a versatile sonic texture, this joint is ready for any occasion and every session of blazing.

Glass House Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Curren$y

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

While we all know Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are the rap game’s ultra-high dynamic duo, it would also be valid to say that Mississippi MC Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz make a perfect match too. Having all three on the track is like taking a trip to Pittsburgh with your two favorite cousins from the South, it’s an all-around good time.

This record is really one for the players and hustlers and is one of the binding pieces to the complex concoction that is Wiz Khalifa’s masterpiece project Kush & OJ.

We Dem Boyz

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

Wiz Khalifa’s 2014 album Blacc Hollywood was a commercial success (despite mixed reviews) and it is partially due to a monster single he released that took over the entire year and eclipsed other artists within range for a decent period of time. We’re talking about “We Dem Boyz,” of course.

This platinum charting single took over the airwaves with a thunderous authority and didn’t let up for nearly a year. Khalifa does an excellent job with this track by keeping it light and imbuing energy and bravado.

Car Service feat. Curren$y

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

When Spitta and Wiz link up, it’s always a magical moment that can be likened to the moment one sparks the perfectly rolled spliff or rolls up the first gram out of a fire pound. Their collaborative How Fly mixtape is -the most- magical moment in the shared history between these two iconic stoner entrepreneurs.

This project is more than music, it’s an anthology of a stoner’s code of ethics. “Car Service” is smooth, cold as ice, and is evocative of any and everything we have ever appreciated coming from these two artists. Let’s hope their collaborative 2009 album see’s the light of day sometime soon.

The Thrill

Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

This record is the epitome of versatility concerning Wiz Khalifa’s eclectic style. For starters, it’s extremely impressive that Young Khalifa had the range to even select this record from the Australian electronic duo Empire Of The Sun because they were truly just starting to buzz from the success of their 2008 debut album Walking On A Dream when Wiz was recording the Burn After Rolling mixtape this track appeared on.

On top of his international musical awareness, Wiz really killed this track for a number of reasons, but primarily, he holds his own along the funky and somewhat over powering sample of Empire Of The Sun’s title track. It’s a melodic and psychedelic soundscape that is easy to get lost in. This one feels as good live, as it is karaoke style in the car with a friend (or by yourself).


Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

In a lot of ways, “Mezmorized” is a very modest of means sort of song even though lyrically it’s the equivalent of a shoulder check flex. Just like he triumphantly stated in the hook, “Ain’t shit changed but the amount horses in my motor when I switch lanes,” and for the most part that is true.

This record is evocative of Wiz Khalifa’s classic and original sound we became enchanted with over the years. There is this wild combination of hazy neo-funk and a staunch new school approach to hip hop that makes this song all to appealing and repeat-worthy every time it drops.



Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

These days Wiz Khalifa doesn’t have much to prove. After multiple platinum singles and numerous commercially successful albums along with a handful of record shattering weeks on the charts, it is certain that Khalifa is king of his domain or as he likes to say ‘King of fucking everything.’ However, back in 2009 just before he had become a household name, he was still trying to break through the industry to emerge as a heavyweight contender rather than just a run of the mill rapper.

“B.A.R.” is the most humbly-aggressive approach to publicly announcing one’s arrival and plans to take over. You could tell with this track, and the Burn After Rolling mixtape as a whole, that Wiz Khalifa was trying to build an empire, and that he did.