Soulja Boy Disses Lil Durk And NBA YoungBoy

The rapper went on Instagram Live to rant about his contemporaries.

BYNoah Grant
Soulja Boy Disses Lil Durk And NBA YoungBoy

Soulja Boy is upset with NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk. It appears he is angry that they announced that they would be releasing new projects on the same day as his latest release. On May 9, Soulja Boy went on an angry rant during an Instagram Live session, targeting YoungBoy and Durk. The rapper is unhappy with the news that the two artists will be releasing their projects on May 12, which is the same day as his release, Soulja Season.

In his rant, Soulja Boy makes a lot of bold claims for an artist who many would rather receive food stamps than get dinner with. One of the boldest is that he thinks he will outsell both Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy. "I'm finna outsell Lil Durk and YoungBoy at the same time," he said. "This my date." That comment aside, Soulja Boy also had a lot to say about the beef between Durk and YoungBoy. "Y'all ain't gon' do sh*t... woulda been scrapped... woulda been fought. Cut it out," the rapper says in the video. "P*ssy-a*s n*gga, you seen me announce my muthaf*ckin' album and the next day you announced your album. So, guess what? You lame, n*gga."

Soulja Boy's Violent Extracurricular Activities

Soulja is no stranger to frequent displays of bravado, as evidenced in the above video. However, that behavior just cost him quite a bit of money. The rapper was recently ordered to pay $235,000 to his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Meyers. This was a result of a lawsuit filed against him following an incident in 2019 where she accused him of assault and kidnapping. A Los Angeles jury made a decision on Meyers’ civil case a few weeks ago, as reported by Radar Online. According to court records, the jury granted Meyers $1,800 for “mental health expenses” and an additional $234,100 for “physical and mental pain and suffering,” totaling $235,900. The jury also determined that Soulja acted with “malice, oppression or fraud.”

During her testimony last week, Meyers presented pictures of her purported injuries, including three broken ribs. In addition to the text messages, she exhibited DMs that she claimed were sent to her by the rapper. While Soulja Boy was not charged with a crime for the alleged assault, law enforcement officers discovered weapons at his residence, which breached the conditions of his probation. The rapper contends that a third party caused Myers’ injuries and has denied any culpability.

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