Tom Brady Slams Fox Rumor as “Fake News”

Tom Brady has spoken about earlier rumors

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Tom Brady Slams Fox Rumor as “Fake News”

Tom Brady is set to join the Fox broadcasting booth in 2024. However, reports surfaced on May 5 that Brady was starting to have second thoughts about the 10-year deal he had signed. Initially reported by the New York Post, Brady allegedly voiced concerns about the travel involved with doing the job full-time. Unlike a remote broadcast such as ESPN's ManningCast, Brady would be a full-time, on-site color commentator. That would require a minimum of four days of travel a week during the season. Brady's contract with Fox is reportedly worth $375 million.

However, Tom Brady has never been to take media speculation lying down. He made that clear when putting various reporters on blast during his prolonged retirement saga. True to form, Brady has hit back at the Post's claims that he might be about to walk out on his lucrative broadcast deal.

Brady Dismisses Walk-Out Rumors

As part of the media cycle prompted by the New York Post bombshell, Sports Illustrated published an image explaining the situation on Instagram. Brady took to the social media platform, commenting "FakeNews" on Sports Illustrated's post. Furthermore, sources told TMZ that Brady was already beginning preparations for this broadcast role, despite being over a year away from taking to the booth. While Brady had the option to start in 2023, he chose to defer a year to focus on "other parts of my life that need some time and energy".

It's a blow to the already shaky credibility of the New York Post. The Post has a reputation as a right-wing outlet prone to sensationalism. Another comment seen on the Sports Illustrated Instagram post reads "Lol from one of the most unreliable sources". Prior to working at the Post, Marchand was a reporter for ESPN. Earlier in the week, another member of the Post's sports team abruptly deleted a tweet claiming that Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner had spent seven hours at dinner together. However, it's clear that the rumors Brady was reconsidering his broadcasting future are unfounded.


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