Blueface Surprises Son With Stacks Of Cash: Watch

Blueface’s son had an adorable reaction to his dad’s birthday surprise.

BYBen Mock
Blueface Surprises Son With Stacks Of Cash: Watch

Blueface has been in the news a lot recently. He just dropped a new track, "Hello", which is a throwback to his OG offbeat origins. He weighed in on whether or not Chrisean Rock's baby is his. Before that, he scored a TKO in a boxing match against TikTok star Ed Matthews.

Now, as a successful rapper, Blueface isn't a stranger to wads of cash. In fact, he even garnered some backlash when he drove around LA's Skid Row tossing cash out of his car. But his young son isn't quite used to being minted yet. Well, the boy got his first real taste in a birthday surprise from his dad.

Blueface's Son Gets Stacks On Stacks

Blueface posted a video of him celebrating his son's birthday. After wishing his son a happy birthday, the rapper begins to pile bands of cash into his son's lap. "These are all mine? Oh thanks!" is the start of his son's adorable reaction to having a mound of cash dumped on him. Blueface continues to add more bands to the pile as he son looks on in awe. "This is a lot! Oh shoot!" the child exclaims as he struggles to keep hold of all the money.

The child continues to melt hearts as he holds up one of the bands, "this is all of it, mine? Oh shoot!" he exclaims. And then he drops the best line of the entire video. "So I have all I have presents at home?" Kid's just had a couple grand dropped in his lap but all he wants to know is if there's presents waiting for him at home. Absolutely priceless. The kid really doesn't know what to do with himself as he gets shy when asked what he's going to spend the money on. "I don't know...shoot..." he says bashfully, adding "I didn't know that was going to happen, shoot..." as his dad suggests "big booty sitches". It's likely the most adorable thing you will watch all day and will absolutely melt your heart. Be sure to check HotNewHipHop for all the latest viral videos and hip hop news.


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