Florida Rapper Luh Tyler Follows Debut Mixtape With "First Show" Single

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Trapland Pat. Anti Da Menace, and Loe Shimmy all appear on the rising star's "My Vision" project.

The weekend is quickly coming to a close, but we've got one more song for you to stream. This one is from Florida's Luh Tyler and is called "First Show" with production from Just Call Me Chris. The lyricism is impressive, as expected for the rapidly rising star. It arrives shortly after his debut mixtape, My Vision, landed on streaming platforms earlier this year.

On that, he connected with names like Anti Da Menace, BabyTron, Loe Shimmy, Trapland Pat, and NoCap. The deluxe cut brought with it an even more impressive collaborator in the form of Lil Uzi Vert on "Ransom." This weekend's release finds Tyler operating solo, confidently bragging about the feats he's managed to achieve in such a short time. "They like, 'Damn, boy, you got your own flow, you on some different shit' / This hoe getting my nerves, I need a different bitch," he quickly rhymes on the chorus.

Luh Tyler is Back with "First Show"

Later, on the first verse, the 17-year-old continues to impress with his quick-wittedness. "At my first show, I might have your bitch front row / White bitch, look like Elsa, had to let her go," Tyler raps. "I been kissing Mary Jane, you can smell the odor / Young, steady getting wiser, as I'm getting older," he assures listeners of his ever-growing skill.

He's been moving with nothing short of consistency in 2023, sharing "Dennis," a solo effort, as well as joint efforts like "Can't Move Wrong" and "Backstreet" with Trapland Pat, "Fat Racks Pt. 2" alongside BabyTron, and "Face" in tandem with BurnaMaleik. Stream Luh Tyler's "First Show" single on YouTube above, or add it to your playlist on Spotify/Apple Music. Are you a fan of the Florida-based artist's work? Let us know in the comments, and tap into our Fire Emoji update here for more HNHH release recommendations.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tell me how you hating on n*gga you don't even know? (What the f*ck?)
Hoes be out here really cap, I call 'em Pinocchio
I'll nеver switch up on bro, I'm sticking to the code
N*ggas hating on my motion, this shit getting old


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