Saweetie Wants To Be A Blockbuster Villain

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NCAA Super Saturday Concert Featuring Saweetie
DALLAS, TEXAS - APRIL 01: Saweetie performs live at the NCAA Super Saturday Concert at AT&T Discovery District on April 01, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Saweetie wants to be bad in the DC Universe.

Despite not releasing an album yet, Saweetie has absolutely crushed the music scene. The 29-year-old is seven times certified platinum and will likely reap the rewards of her tireless work when Pretty Bitch Music finally drops this year.

However, she has not limited herself to music. Her repertoire includes acting credits in Grown-ish and a cameo appearance on Bel-Air. Beyond that, she has appeared as herself on several big-name shows. These have included being a musical guest on SNL and appearing on Cooking With Paris. But there's a role, or a genre of role, that Saweetie has her eye on.

Saweetie Wants To Be A DC Villian

Speaking with Metro in March, Saweetie revealed exactly what sort of acting role she wants to pursue. “I can see myself doing more TV and film projects. I definitely want to be a supervillain in the DC movies. I dressed up as Harley Quinn...I love getting into character and dressing up." she said. Furthermore, Saweetie's declaration comes at the perfect time as the DC Cinematic Universe undergoes a significant transformation. In an attempt to move away from the Zach Synder "DC Extended Universe", James Gunn will launch the "DC Universe" in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. Other films announced for this reboot of a DC shared universe include The Authority, The Brave And The Bold, Supergirl: World Of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing. There will also be TV projects in the form of Creature Commandos, Waller, Lanterns, Paradise Lost, and Booster Gold.

There are so many fantastic villains and anti-heroes contained within these properties. The Brave And The Bold, based on Grant Morris' Batman comics, would be the perfect place to introduce Saweetie as Harley Quinn. Alternatively, Saweetie could flex her anti-hero muscles in a role like Bride of Frankenstein, a core member of the Suicide Squad-esque Creature Commandos. Additionally, the Game Of Thrones-esque Paradise Lost is going to need plenty of villains. Overall, there is a wealth of villain roles that are about to become available in the DC Universe. Perhaps we will see Saweetie take up the mantle of one of them.


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