Dave Chappelle is in the midst of promoting his two upcoming comedy specials that will release tomorrow (March 21), and as a result we have more interviews with the storied comedian than we know what to do with. After so many years of silence, the deluge of Dave surprising. One recent interview has Chappelle explaining why President Donald Trump is bad for comedy, which seems counterintuitive.

The gist of things isn’t that Trump is stamping out free speech, but rather that he’s such a punching bag for comedians that jokes about him are no longer interesting. “It’ll be nice when we don’t have to talk about him as much,” Chappelle says in the interview. He also talks about the strength of the comedy genre and the talent of his colleagues within the industry.

If you’re looking for more Dave Chappelle interviews, check out the CBS interview below, which delves into his false beef with Key & Peele and even has a few new snippets from his stand up specials towards the end.

Dave Chappelle’s two new specials release tomorrow, March 21, on Netflix.