Andrew Tate Jail Update: Podcaster Reportedly Eating "Stone Cold Food" With Insects In His Cell

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British-US influencer Andrew Tate arrives handcuffed and escorted by police at a courthouse in Bucharest on February 1, 2023 to hear the court decision on his appeal against pre-trial detention for alleged human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal group. - Former kickboxer Tate, his younger brother and two Romanian women are under investigation for allegedly "forming an organised criminal group, human trafficking and rape". They are accused of coercing women into "forced labour... and pornographic acts" for "substantial financial benefits". All four were arrested at the end of December (Photo by Daniel MIHAILESCU / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images)

The media personality says he's currently fasting for Ramadan, but the little food he does get is quickly swarmed by the bugs around his cell.

When Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania during the final days of 2022, the podcaster certainly think he'd still be behind bars three months later. He's managed to continue sending messages out to his fanbase via Twitter. They've mainly been regularly updating followers on the allegedly horrible conditions he's facing while awaiting his trial. Most recently, the embattled media personality is claiming that the excess presence of bugs in his cell is preventing him from being able to consume all of his food.

According to a recent tweet, Tate receives his meals three times a day – at 8 AM, noon, and 5 PM. "I have a plastic bag I use to try and protect the food from insects. I spend my entire day destroying the flies and ants who get close to the meal," he explained. "In accordance [with] Ramadan, when the sun goes down, I eat the stone cold food in my cell by myself." On Monday (March 27), the 36-year-old returned with an update on his situation. "Today I lost 30% of my calories to insects. Tomorrow the battle begins again," he vented.

Andrew Tate Updates Concerned Fans

As Mirror reports, Andrew and his brother, Tristan Tate, were detained for an additional 30 days earlier this week. At the time, a spokesperson for the siblings said, "We have been rendered speechless by the news. The interaction with the judge was extremely dynamic and the brothers were offered for the first time the opportunity to present all legal guarantees that they are not a flight risk." They also added, "They are the first ones who want light to be shed on this case."

"The substantial material damages they have suffered are nothing compared to the moral ones. Their image has been irreparably harmed and it will take years to rebuild the reputation, trust and connection with the general public," the official statement ended. At this time, Romanian prosecutors remain under the impression that Andrew Tate and his brother, as well as two other suspects, were part of an organized crime group "with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content." Make sure to check back later for any updates on the investigation.


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