Craziest Tom Brady Stats

He’s hailed as a GOAT of football, and we’re listing why Tom Brady’s career is unmatched.

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Craziest Tom Brady Stats

There is such a huge fan base for football that you can easily find people playing it on every street. The point to think about is how football became famous. It got famous because of legends that made the game look intense, beautiful, and fun. Tom Brady is one of those diamonds. Brady is the greatest football legend of football in America.

The legend has a long career of about two decades. Tom Brady’s stats tell how great a player he has been throughout his career. His accomplishments on the field are nothing short of astonishing. From Super Bowl wins to MVP awards, there is a huge line of his achievements. So, we will delve into some of the craziest Tom Brady stats that highlight just how dominant he has been throughout his career.

Seven Super Bowl Wins

There is no doubt that Tom Brady has been doing wonders throughout his career. Super Bowl wins are an incredible achievement that puts him in a league of his own in NFL history. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). Every player has a dream of winning it. Every NFL player wants to achieve this ultimate goal.

Indeed, some of them have earned this crown. But, The Legend has always remained on the top of the list. Tom Brady's stats show them all. He has won it seven times, beating everyone. No one is even close to him. His Super Bowl wins came from two teams, the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady's Super Bowl victories showcase his leadership, talent, and ability to perform under pressure on the biggest stage in football.

Most Career Touchdown Passes In NFL Playoff History

Brady has a habit of never stopping on the field. His stats show his ability to perform at the highest level on the field. Brady's record of throwing the most touchdown passes in NFL playoff history reflects his remarkable play in the playoffs. Through the 2020 NFL season, Brady has thrown 83 touchdown passes in the playoffs. This is more than any other player, and it is a very significant achievement. 

Of course, this statistic is a testament to his consistency and ability to come up big in crucial moments. Playoff games are often considered the most important games of the season. Brady's ability to lead his team to victory by making key plays is a major reason. This is why he is regarded as one of the most crucial quarterbacks ever. 

Most Playoff Wins By A Quarterback

Tom Brady's record of 34 playoff wins is the most of any quarterback in NFL history. This further cemented his status as one of the greatest players ever. The playoffs are when the pressure is the most on the players. Indeed, the ones who perform best are considered the greatest players. All the teams are gathered to compete for the only ultimate goal: the Super Bowl.

Moreover, Brady's ability to win so many playoff games and his evergreen stats is a testament to his leadership. The most important thing is how he performs at the highest level. Further, His record of playoff wins also indicates his longevity in the league. He has maintained his high level of play over many years and consistently led his team to success.

Five Super Bowl MVP Awards

tom brady stats
FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 10: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots cheers as he runs on to the field before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette Stadium on September 10, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Tom Brady's record of five Super Bowl MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards is the most of any player in NFL history. The Super Bowl MVP is awarded to the player with the most significant impact on the game. According to the stats of the performing player, it is considered one of the highest individual honors a player can receive in the sport. 

Furthermore, Brady's five Super Bowl MVP awards reflect his dominance in the season's biggest games. He has always been able to consistently perform at an elite level and help lead his team to victory. Winning even one Super Bowl MVP award is a remarkable achievement. Brady has won seven of them.

Most Career Passing Yards in Super Bowl History

Tom Brady's record of 3,039 passing yards in Super Bowl games is the most of any player in NFL history. The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in football, and it is where the best players come to showcase their skills. It is the time when they compete for the ultimate prize. Brady can showcase his skills at every moment in the game. He has played in ten Super Bowl games during his career, which is a record.

Most Career Completions in Super Bowl History

Tom Brady's record of 277 completions in Super Bowl games is the most of any player in NFL history. Completing a pass is one of the most important aspects of a quarterback's job. While Brady has been able to complete so many passes in the Super Bowl highlights his accuracy and consistency. He is great at making plays in situations with a lot of pressure. Also, he has been able to keep playing at a high level for many years. He has done really well in important games. His record also shows he is good at getting the ball to his teammates and making smart choices. This is important for quarterbacks in the NFL who want to be successful.

Highest Career Playoff Winning Percentage

Tom Brady is the quarterback with the best playoff record in NFL history. He has a 75.6 percent winning percentage in 45 playoff games. He played until 2020. Moreover, Brady's ability to perform well in stressful situations and always do his best has helped him get the record. Playoff games are the most challenging and most intense games in the season. Indeed, he has always played one step ahead of others. Brady's ability to win at such a high rate in these games highlights his exceptional talent and leadership skills. His history of success in playoff games has ensured that he will always be remembered as one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Most Career Passing Yards In NFL History

Tom Brady has thrown for the most yards in NFL history. Brady had passed for 80,209 yards in his career, surpassing the previous record of 79,204 yards held by Drew Brees. It also shows he's tough, can stay healthy, and play well for a long time. This record is another reason he is considered one of the best quarterbacks ever.

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