Blueface's BM Jaidyn Tweets About Chrisean Rock, Wants Poly Relationship With Rapper

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Jaidyn was letting her Twitter fingers fly amid Blueface's insults toward Chrisean, and she's standing by he rman.

The public is rallying around Chrisean Rock in the thick of the ongoing taunting from Blueface. The couple's relationship continues to unravel on social media for the world to see, but their popularity is dwindling. What some believed was a toxic yet entertaining relationship is now causing concern. Rock revealed that she's pregnant with the "Thotiana" rapper's child, and from the onset, Blueface made it clear he wasn't interested in the baby. He first alleged that he wasn't the father, then questioned if she was with child at all. This week, Blue said he may be the dad, but the chaos is tiring the public.

While he was in a relationship with Rock, Blueface also welcomed a second child with Jaidyn Alexis. The pair already shared a son, but it was a surprise that Jaidyn was expecting. Unsurprisingly, Chrisean and Jaidyn don't get along, and the latter fueled the flame of controversy with her recent tweets. It looks like she's standing by her man, and she's even entertaining entering into a polyamorous relationship with the rapper once again.

Blueface Has an Ally In His Ex


People often ask what Jaidyn thinks of the drama, but she tends to keep quiet. However, this latest unraveling caused her to jump into the conversation. "B*tches wouldn’t even last the walk to the clinic in the shoes I had on last year so y’all bffr," she recently tweeted. She also echoed Blueface's request for Rock to get an abortion by writing, "Do it please." Jaidyn added, "Should’ve just took the d*ck and bubble gum when had the chance." Blueface also offered $100,000 to Chrisean if she went forward with an abortion. Jaidyn wrote, "Gimme da 100k daddy I’ll do the abortion myself 🫡."

The responses caused the mother of two to face heavy criticism, but Jaidyn was unmoved. She denied being crazy, but admitted she didn't "give a f*ck." She said, "Sh*t was sweet when I was pregnant tho right y’all internet ppl should be ashamed of y’all selves honestly." Meanwhile, Chrisean reacted to Blueface's insults with a somber, emotional video. The reality star looked defeated and said she was "drained" by the fighting, violence, and infidelity. Check out Jaidyn's tweets above.

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