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You Finding Something Classical? Puma X Cordae Is For You!

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Puma is a Multinational brand and a company that produces athletic shoes and footwear. The company was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. The Headquarters of Puma is in Herzogenaurach, Germany.  Puma is a very big brand , so it collaborates to promote its products throughout the world. Puma has been collaborating with Musicians and singers and producing high quality sneakers. The nature of the artist being advertised solely determines their collaboration.

One of The Latest collaborations of Puma is with the famous rapper Cordae. Cordae is famous for his unique rapping style and introspective lyrics.The Puma X Cordae Collaboration features sneakers with the ultimate touch of Cordae style. The collection is very stylish and unique.In this article, we will explore some of the best shoes in the Puma X Cordae collaboration:

1- Puma X Cordae RS-2K

The Puma X Cordae RS-2K is part of a collaboration between Puma and the rapper Cordae. This collection is known for its unique style and creativity. The Puma shoe features a bold and futuristic design that reflects Cordae's individuality and creativity. The RS-2K upper combines mesh, leather, and suede materials. This creates an amazing textured shoe. This shoe has a unique leasing system. 

One of the most notable features of the RS-2K is the plastic piece on the heel that resembles a circuit board. All these features give the shoe a futuristic look. When you wear it, the RS-2K is designed to feel comfortable. It has a special soft sole that supports your feet and absorbs shock when you walk. The sole also has a cool design that goes well with the shoe's futuristic appearance.

2- Puma X Cordae Suede Classic

Puma and rapper Cordae collaborated to create the Puma X Cordae Suede Classic shoe. It's a new version of the old Puma Suede shoe. The top part of the shoe features a tie-dye pattern, and the back has Cordae's name stitched on it. This shoe is specially made up of strong suede material. It makes the shoe look and feel unique and different in style. The tie-dye design on the top is special to this shoe and adds color and texture.

Moreover, the shoe has a low-class profile design. The shoe has further soft edges that make them feel more comfortable for the person wearing. The inside of the shoe has a soft pad that supports your foot and absorbs shock when you walk. Overall, this collaboration has been good overall. All the puma fans liked them . Indeed the people are merely loving the designs of Cordae, so they like Puma too.

Lastly, The Suede Classic shoe has Cordae's name sewed onto the back part, which makes the shoe special. Puma and Cordae made this shoe together to show off Cordae's special way of doing things. They made it to respect the old design of the Puma Suede shoe.Overall, this collaboration shoe is both stylish and comfortable. Cordae’s way of presenting things in a different way does it all.

3- Puma X Cordae Future Rider

Puma has always been exceptional in making endorsement deals with artists. It’s always been a great success when it comes to the collaboration with the artist Cordae. So, they have made the Puma X Cordae Future Rider deal. This collaboration entitles classical style shoes that the audience loves too much. The Future Rider features a retro-inspired design with a sleek and low-profile silhouette.

Further, this shoe has to do a lot with its specifications. The Future Rider is made up of a mix of materials. It includes suede and nylon, which create a unique and textured look. In addition, the shoe has a bold theme. It has contrasting colours on the upper, midsole, and outsole. The Formstripe on the side of the shoe is also a contrasting piece . Overall, it adds an aesthetic look to the beauty of the shoe.

Overall, The Puma X Cordae Future Rider shoe is cool and comfortable. Cordae's personal style and the old Puma Rider shoe inspired it. The shoe has different materials, bright colors, and special details that make it look different from other shoes. If you want a shoe that looks old-fashioned but also new and special, this one is a good choice.

4- Puma X Cordae Mirage Sport

Puma and rapper Cordae collaborated to create the Puma X Cordae Mirage Sport shoe. It looks like old running shoes from the 1970s, but with Cordae's cool style added to it. The shoe is bright and has a lot of colors. The sole of the shoe is soft and feels comfortable. The top part of the shoe has a special design that lets air in to keep your feet cool.

Moreover, this shoe has also got an exceptional style. The top part of the Mirage shoe is made up of light and breathable material. It is a very comfortable shoe. The shoe has a lot of colors, and some of them are different from each other.The Puma Formstripe on the sides of the shoe is also a different color, which makes the shoe look even better.

At the end, The Mirage Sport shoe has special strings to tie it up. Tthe colors of the strings are different from each other. This makes the shoe look cool and special. Puma and Cordae made the shoe together to show off Cordae's special way of doing things and also to respect the old Puma running shoes from the 1970s.

So, Puma and rapper Cordae worked together to make some cool shoes. They made four types of shoes called Suede Classic, Mirage Sport, Future Rider and RS-2K. These shoes show Cordae's style and Puma's classic designs. All of them have bright colors, special details, and different materials. If you want some shoes that look old and new at the same time, you might like these ones. When people work together and mix their styles, they can make something really special and different.

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