Rappers Who Have Their Own THC Brand

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Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Coi Leray are branding THC lines, while Sean “Diddy” Combs has signed a 185M licensing deal.

You’re on a plane and look over your left shoulder at the pilot. He’s passed out. His last words are, “Now we ready to roll.” Next thing you know, you’re in a car smoking a joint, and he miraculously comes back to life. This time saying, he’s “rolling joints bigger than King Kong’s fingers.” You, now higher than a giraffe's neck, call your girl cause you “boutta catch another flight.” She shows up with a bottle of Belaire Rose. To your surprise, flight “444” has two first-class seats available. You jet off to the Islands. Rosé is pouring, and lollipop edibles are being passed. The vibes are strong. You hear voices in the distance, they’re calling you closer. Suddenly a bell rings, and your dream comes to an end. It’s the morning, and it’s time to smoke.

Leafs by Snoop

To no surprise, our first heavy weight on the THC rapper strain list is Uncle Snoop himself with his cannabis line, Leafs by Snoop, which was released in 2015. At the time, Snoop was the only rapper to have a strain in the public eye, as weed was not legal or decriminalized in most states. Leafs by Snoop originated in Denver and consists of eight flower strains, concentrates, and edibles. Indica dominants included Northern Lights and Bananas, while sativa dominants were named Lemon Pie and Tangerine Man. When speaking on his success at his launch party, Snoop proudly said, “Leafs By Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer," and “LBS is blazing a trail for the industry.”

Method Man’s ‘TICAL’ Brand Aims to Raise THC Awareness

Next is the How High actor and Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man, with his cannabis line, TICAL. The name translates into “taking into consideration all lives.”  His line provides three epic strains like Sweet Grease, Free MAC, and Orange Cookie Kush Flower. It has a mission to raise awareness of the long-lasting unethical imbalance in the criminal justice side of marijuana. Meth further aims to show that the justice system is unfair regarding laws against those who consume, carry, or sell weed.

Wiz Khalifa Launches ‘Khalifa Kush’

NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT - SEPTEMBER 11: Wiz Khalifa performs onstage on the main stage. headlining day 4 of Bestival 2016 at Robin Hill Country Park on September 11, 2016. in Newport, Isle of Wight. (Photo by Ollie Millington/Redferns)

The “Young Wild and Free” rapper Wiz Khalifa is next on our list with his line, Khalifa Kush. Here is where you’ll find all the right tokes with his original strains Khalifa Mints and KK, which will likely have you higher than God himself. Khalifa can usually be seen chilling in his element with one rolled up. It’s inevitable that these cheeches will have you hanging from the trees like a baby koala bear. "Yeah, roll one, smoke one / When you live like this, you're supposed to party," says Wiz Khalifa on "Young, Wild, & Free" with Snoop Dogg and Bruno Mars.

Coi Leray Creates ‘Pink Zushi’

The “Blick Blick” Queen Coi Leray is also a standout on our rapper cannabis list. Her strain, Pink Zushi, was released in 2022 in collaboration with one of the most expensive eighths, The Ten Co. The Cookies strain is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez. It is a light toke that will have you dancing through the night or laid up all cuddly in a smoke-filled cloud. 


Ricky “Rozay” Ross the boss is next. Partnering with cannabis line Cookies, Ross meticulously created his THC brand, COLLINS AVE, around his personal profile with strains Pink Rozay and Lemon Pepper. The Teflon Don spoke on his line, saying, “I want to be a force within the cannabis industry and bring a superior quality product to the masses, particularly my people in the South.” Ross’ elite brand will also likely have you lifted, pouring champagne all over yourself like you just won a championship ring. That is until you realize you’re just on the couch vibin’ to "Aston Martin Music," and really, what’s better than that?

Jay-Z’s ‘Monogram’ Brand Will Have You in An Empire State of Mind

Jay-Z, the founder of Roc Nation, launched his own cannabis line, Monogram. The mission is to mark a new chapter in the cannabis industry, defined by “dignity, care, and consistency.” Further, with a goal to “bring you the best," Monogram will have you in an “Empire State of Mind” with its light, medium, and heavy strains. Named after significant years in Hov's life, you’ll find strains called 01, 70, 88, and 96. Described as a “heady high that releases your mind,” next time you’re in the Stuy, light one up and enter the zone of eliteness; you’ll be glad you did. 

Weezy’s ‘GKUA’ Strains Have Highest Natural THC Levels

Lil Wayne is next with the dank. His THC line, GKUA, is a premium buzz that will likely have you high for hours—maybe days. Wayne also offers a multitude of classics along with originals created by the rapper himself. You’ll find strains like Big Purp, Slime, Hollygrove, and G.O.A.T. This line combines the highest natural levels of THC. Upon making and testing his products, Wayne said, “I used to just want to get high. Now I smoke to get inspired." He added, "With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.” That said, if you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, GKUA seems like the right line of strains to choose from. 

Fuel Up With 2Chainz’s ‘Gas Cannabis Co.’ Line

Dim the lights because ”It’s A Vibe” with rapper 2 Chainz’s line of Gas Cannabis Co. Teaming with Green Street Agency to bring forth a high that is affordable and luxurious, this line is full of gas. With his three exclusive lines, including Octane 87, Octane 89, and Octane 93, 2 Chainz wanted to allow consumers to afford his product. However, the expense increases as the gas gets headier. Described with the ability to “keep your engine running smoothly,” these strains have deep aromas and a heavy hit. They'll also certainly have you in a cloud of smoke reminiscing on the first time you ever tried THC.

Quavo’s Premium ‘Birkin’ Line

The adlib King, Quavo, is next on our rapper cannabis list. His exclusive line, Birkins, is named after the bag that every woman wants. It’s expensive, it’s smooth, and it’s luxurious, just like this premium smoke. When asked about his strain, Quavo said, “We got tired of buying the girls Birkins, so we started smoking it, that’s all.” Next time you’re in the “Hotel Lobby” before hitting the club, get lifted with Quavo’s high-end strain. It’ll 100 percent have you feeling right. 

Sean "Diddy" Combs Makes $185M THC Licensing Deal

Diddy Combs has also stepped up to become a licensed operator and seller of marijuana with a $185 million deal. With hopes to increase awareness of the injustices In the marijuana Industry, Combs said, “How do you lock up communities of people, break down their family structure, their futures, and then legalize it and make sure that those same people don’t get a chance to benefit or resurrect their lives from it?”  Further, there are many cannabis connoisseurs across the rap industry. Artists like the late Nipsey Hussle offers an Indica-dominant Marathon OG. Others like Ice Cube, Jim Jones, Tee Grizzley, YG, Kurput, Xzibit, Ty Dolla $ign, and Juicy J also have their line of strains.

STATES ACT Works to Legalize Weed State-by-State

Though growing in legality, only 21 out of 50 states allow the selling, usage, and carrying of marijuana. The decriminalization of weed varies its law in each state and allows you to carry various amounts without being charged for a class B felony. Currently, thousands of men and women are in prison for marijuana-related crimes. In 2020, it was estimated that 99 people per month were being incarcerated for dealings as such.

With the marijuana reform of the Tenth Amendment regarding drugs, the STATES ACT works to legalize weed from votes within each state. This is why not all states are legalized, as everywhere in the U.S. has not agreed, yet, to make the use of weed legal. However, with the awareness from artists and their release of premium strains, many people are not only being released from prison.

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