Mariah The Scientist Tweets About Her Longing For Young Thug

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In a deleted tweet, the "Church" singer vents her frustration about being away from her man.

In a turn of events, Mariah the Scientist recently took to Twitter to express her frustration with Young Thug still being in jail. The singer, whose real name is Mariah Buckles, tweeted about her heartache in a now-deleted post. She revealed how she currently feels left behind while her beau is locked up, and the long distance seems to be taking a bit of a mental toll. With her number-one supporter no longer by her side, it's likely the musician is feeling a bit lonely.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jefferey Lamar Williams, has been in jail since May 2022. The rapper was arrested for his alleged ties to the notorious YSL gang. He is also facing another charge for an incident that occurred in May 2021. The artist was allegedly involved in a street racing episode where he was accused of driving over the speed limit without wearing a seatbelt. His trial began in January 2023. The distance has been hard on the couple, who are very attached to each other.

Mariah The Scientist Shows Brief Frustration With Her Boyfriend

Shortly after sending out her message about Thugger being in jail, Mariah the Scientist deleted it. Still, her Twitter page remains full of tweets alluding to her declining mood. She specifically expresses that she does not feel understood by the world. This is not the first time she has made tweets about Young Thug's incarceration, however. Earlier in the year Mariah tweeted her desire for her lover to come home quickly. She has been supportive of her partner every step of the way.

Even behind bars, the So Much Fun hitmaker has not let his circumstances stop him from reciprocating his other half's love and support. The rapper has sent balloons and even rose-petal messages to his lady. These gestures of love seem to help ease the pain that Mariah the Scientist is going through. The couple has been publicly together since 2022, and have been very vocal about their love for each other on social media. Check back in to see if Mariah will continue to tweet about Young Thug.


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