Lil Yachty Wants To Stop Doing Interviews

Lil Yachty feels discouraged from doing interviews.

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Lil Yachty has come out on Twitter to say that he no longer wants to do interviews. According to the American rapper, he feels people are misunderstanding what he says whenever he speaks. Lil Yachty recently dropped his fifth album, back in January 2023. Yachty was absent all of 2022 but managed to start off the new year with a bang. With the release of his new album came multiple interviews where he talks about his project. In some of his interviews, he made some controversial comments regarding his own goals.

Most of these comments are about where he wants to go in the future, musically. Lil Yachty also spoke up about how he felt that hasn't been taken seriously as an artist. His boldest statement, however, has been where he said "f**k any of the albums I dropped before this one," in reference to his newest album. These comments threw some of his fans off. As more and more fans call him out, Lil Yachty is getting fed up with the misinterpretation of his statements.

Lil Yachty Feels Misunderstood

After the recent backlash from his statements, Lil Yachty took to Twitter to express his feelings. "I think ima all around just stop doing interviews," he announced online. "The things I say are never understood as intended." Many fans took Yachty's interview statements about his albums as a disrespect to the hip-hop genre. However, the rapper was most likely just trying to stress the importance of his latest album. He was comparing his own albums to each other, as opposed to dissing the genre as a whole.

Regardless, many fans are still supportive and understanding. His fans are flooding his comments with encouragement, and telling him to keep going. Social media can be full of individuals who misinterpret things easily. It can be frustrating for a celebrity to not feel heard. However, some fans are pointing out that Yachty may simply just need to articulate his thoughts better. It can be easy to say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. Other fans are encouraging the rapper to only do interviews with certain outlets. All in all, fans are hoping Lil Yachty can let the criticism roll off his back.

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