Another day, another controversy for Cardi B. The Bronx rapper has faced the utmost backlash throughout her career, whether it’s due to her past, her political stance, or her lyrical content. The attempts to cancel her have fell flat and she continues to have a prosperous career that has led to some impressive collaborations and partnerships. Most recently, she and her husband Offset starred in Mcdonald’s recent Valentine’s Day campaign. Unfortunately, not everyone was down for it.

Reports emerged this week that several Mcdonald’s franchisees have refused to promote the Cardi B and Offset meal bundle. The bundle included a quarter-pounder with cheese, a cheeseburger, large fries, 2 large drinks, and an apple pie intended for a perfect, budget-friendly date night. However, many franchise owners said they wouldn’t participate because of their “lyrics and lifestyle” and “urged other franchisees to remove advertising and merchandise.” Additionally, franchisees poointed out a rule in the Golden Arches Code which prohibits “partnerships with celebrities and influencers that have potential risk to damage our brand based on statements they have made or their positions on certain issues.” 

Cardi B Claps Back

McDonalds franchisees might have concerns over the brands collaborating with them. However, the Cardi B and Offset meal undoubtedly brought in some massive bucks for the company, which Cardi B recently confirmed. In the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post, she said that the Cardi B and Offset meal became one of the most successful collabs in the company’s history. “Still one of the collabs that brought them the most revenues,” she wrote. “Go get you a McWap lmaaaoooo.”

Despite the pushback, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer said that the company brought in “significant business for franchisees and the company,” per WSJ. This quote was posted on a Cardi B fan page, which she then reposted to her Instagram story. Nonetheless, Hassan explained, “Across our marketing, we’re focused on putting McDonald’s at the center of culture.” There’s no doubt that bringing Cardi B and Offset into the fold accomplished that. Check out Cardi B’s response above. We’ll keep you posted if Offset chimes in.