During the latest airing of The Joe Budden Podcast, the show’s forerunner shared his frustrations with actor-director Michael B. Jordan. This follows the Creed III star’s latest appearance on the red carpet, where he ran into alleged frenemy, radio host Lore’l. Jordan and Lore’l attended school together in Newark, New Jersey, which was confirmed by the two during their chance meeting last week. Once the podcaster brought up their Chad Science Academy alma mater, the actor goes on to question her about calling him corny in a 2021 chat. Now, Budden is going viral for his opinions on the exchange, which was a topic of discussion on his popular show.

After the mention of Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, Joe Budden proceeds to discuss his and Lore’l’s awkward run-in. “Boy did he a have a fully automatic of zest… He looked at a girl like ‘Now look at where we are,’” Joe begins. The podcaster then calls him a “corny a** n***a” before doubling down on the statement. “You being Michael B. Jordan today—allegedly ‘Sexiest Man Alive’… You[‘ve] probably never been more visible than you are right this second, and that’s what you do to her. And if I bring back those White girl rumors, then it’s gonna sound even crazier, ‘cause why are you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet?” The latter part of his statement is in reference to Jordan’s rumored preference for dating White women. The sound bite begins around the 12-minute mark during episode 606, titled “Alternate Ending.”

Joe Budden Isn’t A Fan of Michael B. Jordan’s Comments

Host Melyssa Ford chimed in, remembering how Michael B. Jordan looked as a teen on HBO’s Baltimore-based series, The Wire. “He was puny, he was scrawny… I’m sorry, this is what he was,” she tells the cast. “He was not the epitome of sex symbol at that time. And he’s walking around with like, headshots. This is f**kin’ Newark.” Some of The Joe Budden Podcast crew agreed, with others taking up for Michael B. Jordan’s outburst.

According to L’orel, she wasn’t the one who called him corny in the first place. In a new clip, the lead host of The Undressing Room Podcast confirms that is was actually her co-host, personality Dominique Da Diva, who made the choice words. While discussing Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s past, Dominque said “You know what I really think deep down inside? I think that Michael B. Jordan is a nice, corny guy, and I don’t mean that as a slight,” Dominique said. “We all know the nice, corny guys treat you the best.”