Bishop Nehru has been an artist on the come-up to keep an ear and eye out for. Since he was 16 years old, he’s been marked as a rising talent in the game with a lot to offer. He’s proven to be an incredible lyricist as well as a producer. Over the years, he’s created a buzz around himself that has landed him co-signs from some of the greats. As we’ve been awaiting his debut album for over three years, he’s been dropping mixtapes and loose singles to hold us over until the day arrives. While he celebrated his 21st birthday at the tail end of August by dropping “World War 3“, he comes back today with his take on Jay-Z’s “4:44“.

On his latest effort “7:17”, Bishop Nehru takes Jay’s beat and dominates it as his own. For over two minutes, Nehru doesn’t take a breath. His flawless flow rides the beat without sparing a kick or a snare. The appeal of the original track is HOV’s vulnerability. However, Nehru’s take on this track is different. He brags about his skills on the microphone but he still gives off a few moments of humility throughout. To match the rawness of his flow and lyrics, his voice sounds like it hasn’t even been touched by any editing software either.

This freestyle is a testament to Nehru’s skill on the microphone. Nas has already called the rapper the “future of music” in the past, signed the rapper to his Mass Appeal label and has announced that he’d be the executive producer of Nehru’s first solo studio album. He’s also worked on a studio album with MF Doom prior, so it’s safe to say that he has a bright future ahead of him. Hopefully we receive this project before the end of the year.

Quotable Lyrics
I been about the billy, surname Ray Cyrus
They ain’t gotta feel me, still I’m spread like a virus
I’m the rap Osirus, hi guys
Now dudes showin’ true colours, Tie Dye