Tyrese Tells Ex-Wife She Never Loved Him While Revealing Lenny Kravitz Collab

He’s happy with his girlfriend but still grieving the loss of his marriage.

BYErika Marie
Tyrese Tells Ex-Wife She Never Loved Him While Revealing Lenny Kravitz Collab

As others were celebrating the new year, Tyrese and Samantha Gibson were announcing their divorce. It was in December 2020 that the couple revealed they decided to end their marriage. Samantha hasn't said much about the unraveling of her union after four years of wedded bliss, but Tyrese hasn't been shy about sharing his emotional state. He has repeatedly taken to social media to express his grief and anger, and it seems that his latest single has him revisiting those emotions.

Ahead of the Valentine's Day celebrations, Tyrese ended the weekend by uploading a photo of himself and Samantha. There was a tear in the middle of the former couple, and in the caption, the actor promoted new music while also seemingly calling out his ex-wife. "The struggle is real. I definitely wasn’t ready to be in music or an album mode again," said Tyrese. However, months ago, he went into detail about working on his new album.

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The Fast & Furious icon urged his followers to click the link in his Instagram Bio to hear "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me." It's a track that also featured talents by Lenny Kravitz and Le'Andria Johnson. In his caption, Tyrese further stated, "I’m still shook and shocked about this unexpected divorce so I’m not on stage yet. I’m still in the audience watching this all play out right before my eyes. Trying to process all of this pain and trauma from this unexpected divorce."

"I almost hate that this is my song, and or my story, but I guess as they would say things happen for a reason." Tyrese then concluded his post with a direct message to his ex-wife: "Samantha I don’t think you ever loved me… impossible." This isn't the first time he's had words for his ex. Previously, he told her, "God don't like ugly."

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Samantha hasn't been the only woman at odds with Tyrese. The singer and his girlfriend Zelie are on better terms, but there was a time when their breakup made headlines. Tyrese expressed his disappointment with how Zelie was moving, but later, the pair reconciled. They declared their love for the other and are rumored to be in a much better place.

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