Lil Meech Says Dad Big Meech Is A Big Fan Of Queen Naija

Lil Meech talks about what it was like starring in Queen Naija's music video for "Let's Talk About It."

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He's flexed his acting skill as the star of BMF, but Lil Meech is also dipping his toes into music videos. Meech portrays his incarcerated father, Big Meech, in 50 cent's hit series, and his acting career is progressing into other avenues. We've seen much more from the star as the second season of the show is underway, and HipHopDX recently spoke with Lil Meech about his feature in Queen Naija's visual for her track, "Let's Talk About It."

"Oh, yeah. Queen Naija is amazing," said Meech. "She's an amazing singer."

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The songbird's team apparently reached out to Lil Meech and asked if he was interested in starring in the music video.

"I said, of course. She a Detroit native, I love her music. My dad loves her music," Meech also shared. "I said of course I would do it. It turned out amazing. We had a very fun time doing it. It was a good experience for me."

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When "Let's Talk About It" was first released, Queen hopped on Instagram to give insight to her inspiration behind the record.

“New era begins tonight midnight! I made this song for all the n***as who always got something to say about what women need to do, but don’t even got their ish together,” Naija wrote.

She continued, “I need y’all to show out tonight! I need all the ladies pointin’ they fingers at they man temples tonight! I need all the lip syncin’, neck rollin’ stories tonight I’m reposting too. Show out.”

If you haven't already, check out the music video for Queen Naija's "Let's Talk About It" starring Lil Meech above.


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