Beanie Sigel Calls Dame Dash The "Malcolm X Of Hip Hop"

Beans and Freeway were asked to describe Dame in one word.

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On the Set of "State Property 2" - March 12, 2004

Roc-a-Fella's impact on Hip Hop is unmatched, and Beanie Sigel is giving credit to Dame Dash. The label was created by Jay-Z, Kareem Burke, and Dash, and while the latter has been plagued with controversies, Sigel still honors him as a visionary.

Sigel and Freeway recently visited the Personal Party Podcast and were asked to describe Dame. Freeway opened things up by calling Dash "loyal." He added, "To us. He used to go hard for us."

Beanie Sigel and Damon Dash during On the Set of "State Property 2" - March 12, 2004 in Yonkers, New York, United States. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic)
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"Dame went hard for everybody," Sigel added. "Damn. Dame was like the—Dame would be like the Malcolm X of Hip Hop." Everyone in the room agreed.

"No bullsh*t," he further said. "'Cause I’m trying to think of one word. Like, you can’t describe Dame with one word. But when I see Dame, he like X. He like Malcolm, he like [a leader]."

Sigel added that Dash wouldn't be seen as saying the right things, but his message was important. Then, over on Dame's Instagram, the legendary music executive shared the clip of his former artists' praise.

NEW YORK - AUGUST 19: (L-R) Roc-A-Fella CEO Kareem "Hoffa" Biggs, artist Beanie Sigel and CEO Damon Dash attend the Kingdome basketball tournament championship finals August 19, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
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Dame Dash has always been a fiery personality in Hip Hop, but his career spans far outside of music. He's also found success in the art world, investing in businesses, starting his own streaming service, producing films, and even starring in Growing Up Hip Hop.

Because of his outspoken nature, Dame often finds himself in the middle of debates. Nevertheless, the Philly rappers have nothing but respect and admiration for their longtime friend.

See more from Beanie Sigel and Freeway on the Personal Party Podcast below.

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