D.L. Hughley Says Media Let Dana White Off Easy After He Slapped Wife

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"If that had been a brotha, it’d be NONSTOP coverage," says the comedian as he names Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, and Antonio Brown.

The UFC president apologized, but D.L. Hughley doesn't think that's enough for Dana White. We previously reported on White's controversy after he was filmed in a nightclub with his wife. The two were in the throw of an argument when she slapped White, and he, in turn, hit her back. After going viral, White and his wife emerged with an apology, but Hughley believes the media would have treated the situation differently had this been a Black man.

“'What can BROWN do for you?' Apparently not a damn thing!" Hughley wrote. His play on the word "brown" was a nod to White's last name as well as Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, and Antonio Brown. All three men have been tied to domestic violence scandals. "If that had been a brotha, it’d be NONSTOP coverage."

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Hughley added that the media would be "dredging up a playground fight from the 3rd grade, scouring old tweets, you name it."

"Dana White ‘s ENTIRE LIFE is immersed in brutal , physical violence," the comedy legend continued. "He’s amassed a fortune from it. Where are the salacious headlines?? Where’s the pressure?? Ohhhhh, he apologized🙄 #WhitePrivilege (PUN INTENDED) scores a 1st round knockout yet again."

In Hughley's comment section, several of his famous peers co-signed the message.

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Jamie Foxx wrote "F*cking preach!!!!," while Willie D from the Geto Boys added, "Absolutely."

Meanwhile, White said he was "embarrassed" by the altercation with his wife.

“My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years.” He added, “We’ve known each other since we were 12 years old. We’ve obviously been through some sh*t together, we’ve got three kids.”

“It’s never happened before. It’s the first time it’s ever happened.”

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