Styles P Details Why Biggie Is The GOAT, Saying He "Was Really, Really Nice In All Categories"

The Lox rapper also praised the late musician as a "charismatic individual."

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Nearly 25 years after Notorious B.I.G.’s death, his musical influence and legacy continue to remain in discussion, with many citing the Brooklyn emcee as the best to ever do it. Styles P recently sparked the debate again in a recent sit-down, explaining why he thought Biggie deserves the GOAT title.

In an interview with Creators Club, the famed member of the Lox wasn’t shy about his admiration for the “Big Poppa” rapper. 

“What makes him the greatest [is] he was really great in all aspects of rhyming. Most people are good in two categories, maybe three if you’re pushing it. Big was really, really nice in all categories,” the “Good Times rapper stated.

Mentioning Biggie Smalls' multifaceted character, Styles P added, “But what really topped it off was he was a charismatic individual, but he was very f**king classy and G at the same time. So he ain’t just treat me, Kiss, and Louch good. He treated all of our homeboys good.”

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American rapper Notorious BIG (born Christopher Wallace) attends the 1995 Billboard Music Awards, New York, New York, December 6, 1995. (Photo by Larry Busacca/WireImage)

Style P also sang the late rapper’s praises last year, calling him the “greatest emcee that has ever existed” and making it clear that he isn’t giving him the honor because of his early death.

In 1996, Styles P along with Lox members Jadakiss and Sheek Louch collaborated with Biggie on the track “You’ll See.” While on Drink Champs this past February, Styles P revealed that he was actually dissing his group in the song’s lyrics.

After being questioned on which line contained shots aimed at the Lox, he replied, “Almost the whole sh*t.”

Explaining that it was simply a part of hip-hop culture at the time, he also shared, “The whole 90s — you gotta go back and listen to the whole golden era. That’s all darts and back-and-forth at each other… It’s all quoted subs in the 90s.”

Later in the interview, Styles P doubled down on his view that Biggie is the GOAT while also giving himself a pat on the back, asserting, “I think I’m better than everybody but Big.”

Do you agree that Biggie is the clear GOAT of hip-hop? Share your take in the comments.

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