Lil B’s long-standing curse on James Harden has finally been lifted. After suggesting that it was “time to talk” about ending the Based God’s enchantment, which has previously been applied to Kevin Durant and D’Angelo Russell, Lil B decided to lift the curse once and for all on an episode of First Take.

Whether or not it was a result of the “curse,” Harden struggled in the 2017 playoffs. The curse was originally put on the Houston Rockets player in 2015 after the rapper accused him of stealing the “cooking dance,” a signature move of the Based God.

Kevin Durant was also relieved of the curse when he joined the Golden State Warriors, who, as a Berkeley native, are Lil B’s home team. Coincidentally, he’s playing in the NBA finals this year. In fact, Lil B embraced Kevin Durant’s mother, who was also a guest on First Take while on set. The “Fuck KD” days are long behind us.

Lil B has plans to drop his first “official” mixtape, the long-awaited Black Ken, in the near future. In May, he revealed the project was 100% complete.

Lil B

Lil B Lifts The Based God's Curse From James Harden