Kid Cudi has been a bit of a WTF story over the past few years. Mr. Rager exploded onto the scene with a couple of mixtapes and a couple solid albums, some that people may even call classics of the 2010 era. He caught the attention of Kanye West and Jay Z while appealing to the indie crowd with MGMT samples. At one point, he was destined to be the next greatest thing in rap music. Then he stopped making rap.

As if that wasn't enough, Cudi seems to have decided to completely abandon rap, almost as a means to prove he doesn't have to. You know how children want to have a cookie when you tell them they can't? That seems to be the approach Cudi has taken with music lately. "Oh, you want me to make rap? Haha! Not going to!"

Speedin' Bullet To Heaven is the newest release, and its completely void of hip hop, or even reasonable listenability. It's garnering some passionately negative reviews, and today we're looking into what Cudi may have been listening to while he wrote these songs.