Adidas is absolutely thriving right now and if you couldn’t tell that by the amount of Adidas Ultra Boosts and NMDs that you see everywhere from the streets to social media, these numbers are proof.

According to a Yahoo! Finance report, Adidas stock has risen more than 67% over the last year, which can be attributed to the ever-growing popularity of the aforementioned shoes, as well as the classics like the Stan Smith and Superstar.

Per Yahoo! Finance,

“Adidas’s overall sneaker sales jumped an eye-popping 80% in 2016, according to retail tracker NPD Group. It was a substantially larger spike than any major competitor saw.”

“In 2017 so far, Adidas is up 17%, while Nike is up 11% and Under Armour is down 29%. If you look at the past 12 months, the discrepancy is even more stark: Adidas is up 67%, while Nike is down 3% and Under Armour is down 57%. Wall Street blog The Street writes that Adidas should “terrify the heck out of” Nike and Under Armour right now.”

Kanye’s Yeezy Boosts are so limited that the sale of those shoes truly haven’t had much impact on the market, but there’s no doubt his partnership with the brand has contributed to their rising success. 

For 2017, Adidas is only looking to continue their upward trend, reportedly projecting revenue growth between 11-13% and net income growth of up to 20%.


Adidas Stock Has Reportedly Risen Over 67% In The Last Year