Vic Mensa is scheduled to release his new EP The Manuscript later today. This morning, he debuted a new song called “OMG” on Zane Lowe’s radio show. The song features Pusha T and production by Pharrell.

A master class in simplicity, Pharrell’s beat essentially consists of a three-pronged attack: a thin, upper neck pulse, a swaggering retro lead, and an understated bass line. Pusha is in his natural habitat here; Vic adopts a hot-blooded snarl reminiscent of Kanye West.

UPDATEThe Manuscript has arrived. Listen here.

Quotable Lyrics

Since I came in this shit, made my name a name brand
French kissing bitches in Paris, clubbing like a caveman
We threw up the pyramid, now they say we Illuminati
Fox fur cavalli, fuck Bill O’Reilly