Waka Flocka is back over a sound he helped pioneer, blessing us with some BOW BOW BOWS over a hectic piano beat. The drums sound straight out of the matrix, hitting us with hyper-speed high-hats and snare rolls, while Flocka enters beast mode and lives up to the track’s title. Likening himself to “the Clay Co Mr. Rogers,” Waka Flocka proves he’s still capable of running the block, embracing his veteran status and commanding hella respect. “Lil poodle ass,” warns Flocka, “stay in your lane.” 

The ad-lib king has teased Flockaveli 2 before, but it’s unclear if “Big Dawg” is part of that project. Either way, it’s a welcome addition to Flocka’s catalog. 

Quotable Lyrics

Put you to bed like pyjamas,
Big dawg big dawg big dawg
I’m gonna eat like regardless
Your big dog paying me homage
I’m the Clay Co Mr. Rogers