Grandma Hips

Listen to Droog and Danny link up over a jazzy sample.

BYTrevor Smith
Grandma Hipsblur mask

Your Old Droog uses the phrase "skinny MF DOOM" on "Grandma Hips," reminding us that perhaps Droog, who we first met as a heady semi-anonymous weirdo, has more in common with the guy in the mask than Nas, who his voice tends to resemble. The colorful, stream-of-consciousness wordplay on the track, down to its mad-lib title (no pun intented) puts him in the lineage of the post-DOOM underground. Danny Brown, one of the most versatile rap historians adapts perfectly to the bouncy jazz sample, bringing the playful charisma of his interviews to a squeaky, breathless flow.

The song comes off Droog's PACKS project, which he shared on Friday. Stream it here.

Quotable Lyrics:
By doing this I'm a neighborhood treasure
I pack some more, in just for good measure
That's a good measure, ain't it?
I can see the future and that ain't it
For tryna taint the pictures I painted
I just might go start a residency
Pump it out to Grammarcy
Teacher said I was nice with the grammar, see

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