Though The Firm was considered a commercial flop when it came out in 1997, the album was produced by Dr Dre, and therefore had a couple of gems on it. One of them was “Phone Tap,” which has served to remix several other hits since. Philly DJ Benja Styles teamed up with rap veteran Freeway to do just so on the remix The Weeknd’s hit “Starboy.”

On the renamed “Starboi,” the beat pairs well with the Toronto singer’s vocals, lending them a sort of 90s vintage feel. Freeway does a decent job, spitting nostalgic rhymes about the old days. He battled kidney disease last year.

Listen to the remix below.

Quotable Lyrics

They threw everything at me bu the kitchen sink, I didn’t sink
Stayed afloat like the yachts that we board 
And our wristwatch rocky
The chicks that we courting are gorgeous
Escort us to parties in different minks
My crew broke up and I didn’t blink
Kept it moving like a bus trying to get to Brinks