Jeremih is good to his own. The Chicago hitmaker has been known to work with up-and-coming artists out of his city, including the likes of Lil Durk, Sicko Mobb, Dreezy, and Tink. He’s also down with the OG’s collaborating with his frequent collaborator, Twista, who has blessed him with some memorable 16s for his own projects.

The result is a mid-tempo jam that should get at least a few radio plays in Chicago. It lifts from 1977 hot “I Wanna Get Next To You,” by Rose Royce, though Mih gives it a modern R&B energy. It seems Twista next studio album can’t be too far away. Look out for an announcement soon.

Quotable Lyrics:
Think about it when I’m looking at your body cause I really wanna come close
So fly and I want you the most
Let’s have a toast, drinks on me
Summertime, drop top, wintertime, minks on me