Maestro Omayela is a rising singer and rapper out of Montreal, Quebec. His musical career began through freestyling and performing at local bars, before he eventually sculpted out a distinct sound with the help of his ukulele. His self-produced project, Ahuntsic Zoo, found him further fleshing out this style, and with the release of “Somebody” today, he provides further color to his melody-driven sound. Piano chords, clap snares, and humming basslines from producer Larue compliment Maestro’s dynamic vocal performance, as he transitions from a more rhythmic, rap-influenced delivery to a power, belted hook. The song is set to appear on his upcoming project, Elephant In The Room.

Quotable Lyrics:
You know I can believe that
Shorty you know I need that
Only when the lights be gone
Shorty wanna keep me goin’
You could get everything