O.T. Genasis’ upcoming mixtape, the DJ Drama-produced Rhythm & Bricks, will determine if the internet is still in love Genasis as much as it is in love with the CoCo. Genasis just dropped the tape’s lead single “Do It,” and Lil Wayne threw Genasis a major bone by showing up with an extended verse. 

Genasis promised Rhythm & Bricks would be a “ladies record,” and “Do It” delivers on that promise with some synths and piano courtesy of producer Mr. Hanky and the sultry vocals of O.T. Catchy and simple and blessed with Wayne, “Do It” is certainly easier on the ears than Genasis’ recent efforts “Ricky” and “The Flyest”

Rhythm & Bricks is set to drop June 30th.

Quotable Lyrics

Fuck with me with she never dance again,
Fuck with me we never breaking up,
Get your cash, get your bread, shake your ass on your head,
And when you fell off that pole, I signed your cast on your leg.