Russ been putting out steady heat recently with “Bugatti Stranger” and “Lapped.” This week he dropped yet another loose track in the form of “Dr. Seuss,” a nostalgic acoustic slow jam. Nostalgia seems to be recurring theme in Russ’ music.

Rap this ain’t, but the dude has a great voice and is lyrically (and melodically) gifted. He sings about life — so short — how is everyone getting so old, so soon? he asks. He sings first to himself, then his lil sis Gianna, then to his parents.

Important — He played the guitar himself here. Dude is multitalented. When is he gonna drop the vid though with him strumming and singing? Might actually get him some much needed internet traction.

Quotable Lyrics

So scared of getting older
I’m only good at being 22
Tryna find a way to slow this down
But these wheels just keep on turning