When most rappers dedicate songs to their children, those tracks usually come out a little more loving and toned-down than their other music, with the most notable recent example of this being Kanye West’s lullaby-esque “Only One.” For Kevin Gates, though, that’s not even close to the case. At all.

His new track “Khaza” is named after his son, and if you didn’t say “awww” when you read that, don’t expect to at any point during this vicious banger. Gangsta Gates instead colors this track blood-red, imagining a situation where he comes home and finds his daughter murdered. A harrowing track, but a downright incredible one.

Quotable Lyrics

They say if I’m a risk it’s detrimental to the profit
Beyoncé follow me on Instagram, Jigga watch it
Younger sister, tell her not interested, she a popper
Healthy kid, Kodak flash, smokin’ that broccoli