Rashid St. James is a young rapper from Toronto who makes his HNHH debut with “We Like to Party”. In a city that continues to put out dark, R&B-influenced party music, James sets himself apart with fast, biting lyrics. Indeed, though, “We Like to Party” is a riotous party starter, but it will quickly get too heavy for the meek. 

After a drug-imbued lyrical assault, James repeats “We Like to Party” while the instrumental explodes around his deadpan hook. Upon first listen, you can see James has the undeniable charisma to be rocking big stages in the near future. 

Listen to “We Like to Party”, and let us know what you think of Toronto’s Rashid St. James. 

Quotable Lyrics

Could’ve been her first, rather been her last
Tear that ass apart, then I put her in a cab
Put her in my past, call her in my phone